TAROM in Croatia

Soon in Croatia
The Romanian national carrier, TAROM, will make an entrance into the Croatian market by introducing two new lines from the capital Bucharest. The carrier will introduce direct flights to Dubrovnik on June 18, 2009 from Henri Coanda Airport while services from Bucharest to Zagreb begin September 2. The new flights will be the only air connection between Romania and Croatia as Croatia Airlines currently does not offer services to Romania. It is interesting to note that the service to Dubrovnik are not seasonal, meaning that it should operate throughout the year. The Dubrovnik service will operate twice a week while the Zagreb service will operate 3 times per week. Flight details can be found on the right hand side in the new route launches section.

TAROM is one of the oldest airlines in Europe which experienced particular growth in the early 1990s and more recently in 2007. The airline serves 48 destinations in 22 countries. Croatia will become the first EX-YU country that TAROM will operate services to.


  1. frequentflyer01:19

    Great news! Congratulations to TAROM!

    Flight details for ZAG (but what a shame they're not using the 'baby bus' 318s!):

    Flight number: RO221 (day 1, day 3), RO225 (day 5)
    Departure city: OTP
    Departure time: 08.45 (day 1, day 3), 15.00 (day 5)
    Arrival time: 10.00 (day 1, day 3), 16.15 (day 5)
    Arrival city: ZAG
    Aircraft type: ATR72
    Days operating: 1,3,5
    Flight number: RO222 (day 1, day 3), RO226 (day 5)
    Departure city: ZAG
    Departure time: 10.30 (day 1, day 3), 16.45 (day 5)
    Arrival time: 13.40 (day 1, day 3), 19.50 (day 5)
    Arrival city: OTP
    Aircraft type: ATR72
    Days operating: 1,3,5

    Distance between airports is 818 km (508 miles).

    From TheRouteShop:
    In 2007 8,209 passengers travelled from Bucharest to Zagreb, an increase on 22% on the previous year.This should be a successful, long-term route where frequencies might even increase over time.

  2. jasamseljak16:31

    Is this the first new all-year service ZAG has gotten this year?

    Or is the new Iberia and SAS services all-year too?


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