B&H gets B737-400

First B&H Airlines Boeing B737-400
B&H Airlines will be receiving its first Boeing B737-400 aircraft tomorrow, May 10. The airline’s first jet engine aircraft will enter the fleet on Monday with its first scheduled service for the Bosnian carrier from its hub Sarajevo to Copenhagen, a new service launched thanks to the arrival of the aircraft. The Boeing B737-400 is from Turkish Airlines which has provided the aircraft as part of its deal with the Bosnian government, agreed upon late last year when it took over shares of the company. The aircraft has been painted and fitted with the interior of B&H Airlines in Istanbul.

This upcoming working week will mark a beginning of a major expansion for B&H Airlines. The airline will begin flights to Copenhagen, Berlin, Dusseldorf, Gothenburg and Stockholm within the next 7 days while flights to Prague will begin in 2 weeks. Services to Vienna have been postponed. Originally planned to begin this week, the flights were moved to begin on Monday, May 11 but have now been further postponed until May 18, despite the fact that the airline has received necessary licenses to begin the Vienna service. One of the reasons the flight might have been moved could be because of a lack of sales. The service should operate 5 times per week.

The new B737-400 for the B&H Airlines fleet has been registered TC-JDG (Turkish Airlines registration). It is unknown if the aircraft will receive a Bosnian registration because the deal of the lease of the aircraft is unknown. The new fleet member will bring the number of aircraft operating for B&H Airlines to 3 with 2 ATR72s.


  1. Anonymous09:24

    Yeahh! Finally my national airline gats a fleet upgrade!

    Ex-yu aviation, what does the interior of B&H Airlines' planes look like? Is there a business class, and are there pictures of it?

    Hvala ;]

  2. Peter10:34

    The livery is alittle boring...

  3. jasamseljak16:26

    I like the livery. It looked shinier on the atr, but still, this is really great for bh.


    I hope they still have plans to fly to Podgorica.

  4. Officially B&H has a business class in the ATR in the last row. Its exactly the same seats as in the rest of the aircraft but its divided by a curtain and they get a slightly better meal (and charge you more). Similarly they did this on JU before they abandoned the business class concept in the ATRs. The B737-400 will have a business class with 8 seats. What will the cabin look like? We will have to see. The economy class seats in BH are blueish and standard economy size.

  5. Website Sarajevo Airport:

    JA1001 from Istanbul scheduled to land 19:15 with 30 minutes delay. I guess this is the B737 arriving @ SJJ.
    Hope someone can spot it or so..

    @ jasamseljak: The Podgorica story is unclear to me as well. It seems to be listed in the Timetable but not the Booking system. Lets just wait and see i guess..


  6. HARIS20:04

    B737-400 will be landing tonight & it will start operate tomorrow Sarajevo - Itanbul!

  7. frequentflyer08:40

    Peter said...

    The livery is alittle boring...
    What did you really expect when the basis of their other operating aircraft is EuroWhite with a painted fin/belly etc?

    For mine, it's come up really well. Now imagine if they had a fleet of 4 of them flying around the place...

    Has this plane been named (as the 2 ATRs have)?

    What's most interesting from that photo however is what appears to be a Star Alliance logo near the tail... can someone decipher what the writing is there, and if it is a Star logo, confirm if the airline is going to be 'umbrella-ed' from TK to join Star? Personally I can't see the benefit of an airline with 3 or 4 planes only joining the alliance...

  8. Anonymous09:24

    hvala za informaciju ex-yu aviation!

  9. Anonymous09:30

    What kind of in-flight entertainment and meals does B&H Airlines currently serve to it's passengers, and will these services improve with the Boeing 737-400?

  10. They don’t have any kind of entertainment for passengers. As for food it’s the usual “snack” service airlines in Europe have adopted. Basically a cold sandwich with a drink. I’m doubtful that either the catering or entertainment will improve but we will have to wait and see.

    More news about B&H’s B737-400 on the blog tomorrow.

  11. The TGD flights are now shown on the Timetable of Sarajevo Airport.
    Maybe Ex-Yu has more info on this?

    And I had a thought.. Since the ATR is not much used on Saturday (only DUS and ZRH), wouldn't it be possible to add a 7th IST flight for BH, to operate on saturday with ATR. What are your ideas on this?


  12. The flights to Podgorica still haven’t been listed on any ticketing reservation network for May.

    As for the added Istanbul flight would it be necessary? There are already a lot of flights to Istanbul from Sarajevo. I don’t know what kind of loads they have to Istanbul.


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