B&H launches B737-400 service

Newest member of B&H Airlines fleet
B&H Airlines this morning launched its first scheduled flight from Sarajevo Airport using their new Boeing B737-400. The Bosnian national carrier received the aircraft yesterday and information has surfaced that the aircraft will be transferred into B&H ownership, rather than still being an aircraft owned by Turkish Airlines. Despite the aircraft still wearing Turkish registration, the airline will receive Bosnian registration within the following month when all paperwork regarding ownership is finalised.

The B&H B737-400 departed this morning at 6.15 from Sarajevo Airport to Istanbul Ataturk Airport (flight JA102). Later today B&H will inaugurate its service to Copenhagen. Also operated by the B737-400, the aircraft should depart from Sarajevo at 12.00 and this will be the final service operated by the Boeing aircraft today. Tomorrow, B&H Airlines will launch services to the Germany with flights to Dusseldorf and Berlin starting up. On Wednesday flights to Gothenburg will begin while on Saturday flights to Stockholm should commence. Next week B&H will launch services to Prague although the fate of the flights to Vienna, scheduled to launch next Monday is still unknown. The Boeing B737-400 will operate for B&H Airlines on flights to Istanbul (daily morning flight), Copenhagen, Dusseldorf, Gothenburg and Copenhagen. The new aircraft will fittingly be named “Istanbul” joining the two ATRs named Sarajevo and Mostar.


  1. Anonymous09:18

    This is great news! Those pictures are great, where do you get these photos from? Is there a picture of business class? And is the airline starting flights to London and Paris?

  2. According to the BH Airlines Ticket Reservation System all new ATR Flights have been moved by a week.

    So that means:
    Vienna (May 18)
    Dusseldorf (May 19)
    Berlin (May 19)
    Prague (May 25).

    Can anyone confirm this?


  3. You are correct. All of the flights have been postponed by a week. Lets hope they don’t make a habit of this. Even Dusseldorf has been moved which should be operated with a B737-400 on Tuesday (from May 30 one of the flights will be operated by a ATR72).

    As for London and Paris flights I doubt they can manage all these destinations with 3 aircraft. Perhaps when get their second B737-400 in early 2010. I’m also wondering if there is a big enough market for those flights to make a profit.

  4. Anonymous12:05

    What does the Business Class look like? What colour seats are in the new plane?

  5. They are the same as the seats in economy except they are wider in 2X2 configuration.


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