Croatia Airlines plans Iran service

Croatia’s national carrier is in negotiations with a tour operator to begin seasonal summer charter services from Dubrovnik to Tehran, the capital of Iran. The last group of Iranian tourists visited Croatia’s coast in 2007 when Turkish Airlines offered services from Tehran to Zadar in cooperation with Croatia Airlines. However, this arrangement did not continue into 2008 due to the political situation in Iran. Currently Croatia Airlines is unable to come to an agreement with the tour operator in order to begin services to Iran. Nevertheless the management of the Croatian national carrier believes that the service to Tehran could be very profitable if operated during July and August in cooperation with a tour operator. Croatia has invested greatly in the promotion of its tourism offer in Iran in the past few months. Croatia Airlines is hoping that this way it will contribute to the Croatian tourism industry which is facing an extremely difficult summer due to the global financial crisis. If the flights become a reality it would be Croatia Airlines’ longest service.

Meanwhile, Croatia Airlines will be wet leasing a single Bombardier CRJ200 from Adria Airways. The aircraft, registered S5-AAG, is in the Star Alliance livery. It will be used mainly on services from Zagreb to Munich, Zadar and Pula until the arrival of Croatia Airlines’ new Dash Q400 in July.


  1. Anonymous09:35

    Will the Airbus fleet cope with flying all the way to Tehran, over Romania, Black sea and the former Soviet-countries. Tell me this is a longer route than Belgrade-Abu Dhabi.

    and...what's the maximum distance that a Boeing 737-400/300 and Airbus 320/319 can fly?

  2. The theoretical air distance between Zagreb and Tehran is 3.170 kilometres. An A319 has a range of 6.900 kilometres when fully loaded meaning it would make the flight comfortably.

    The theoretical air distance between Belgrade and Abu Dhabi is 3.800 kilometres meaning that it is longer than Zagreb-Tehran. A B737-300 has a range of 4.000 kilometres and although theoretically it can make it non stop from Belgrade to Abu Dhabi, for security reasons this cant happen because there can always be a delay, wind and so on.

  3. Anonymous11:31

    Thank you ex yu aviation news! Hvala!

    Can you explain the reason why Jat cant fly non-stop to Abu Dhabi again please? I don't get it why! Thanks =)

  4. I think the services will be to and from Dubrovnik. I read this the Aerocroatia web site.

  5. For Anonymous:

    If as stated the air distance from Belgrade to Abu Dhabi is 3800km and the 737-300 has a range again as stated 4000km, them the longest flight a 737-300 could fly would only be a portion of the 4000km due to fuel reserves which must be carried. For an RPT IFR (airline type flight) flight you need 45 minutes reserve plus an extra 15% of the flight time as reserve.
    So lets say the speed in nil wind of a 737-300 is 840km/h then you will see that the 737-300 can legally only fly an air distance of about 2770km.

    I did these calculations quickly so they are just rough figures.

  6. @ Q400, you are correct. As mentioned here in the article the flights are planned from Dubrovnik. I made a mistake when I wrote the distance between Zagreb and Tehran here on the comments page. I was meant to write that the distance between Dubrovnik and Tehran is 3.170.

  7. frequentflyer13:22

    If JAT had 736s or 73Gs rather than 733s flying around the range (3050NM/5650km) would allow Abu Dhabi non-stop including the mentioned contingencies etc. But they make do with the fleet they operate, not the ones they wish they had (and Lancara is a popular destiation for JAT).

    A quick question about wetleasing the CRJ - if Adria has this plane available until mid-July (meaning Bombardier is really running late on its 2009 orders), and already has another plane leased out to Afriqyah Airways, how many planes have they really got surplus in their fleet? And should they stop buying more if they are just sitting around idle?

    So if this CRJ is being leased until mid-July, how long is the MD82 from Dubrovnik Airlines being leased for?

  8. I know this is only concerning seasonal charter but is there any chance OU would consider a scheduled service to Tehran? At least a scheduled seasonal service perhaps?

    Glad to see OU looking outside of their backyard.

  9. Anonymous00:55

    6,900km range on an Airbus 319?

    EX-YU - you've clearly google'd this to come up with this number.

    6,900km is for a VIP version with auxilary tanks installed. A standard config A319 (like OU operate) will have crashed into the ground/ocean long before that.

    As for the question about why Jat can't operate BEG-AUH direct - it's not 'wind', but rather the high temperature environment in Abu Dhabi which restricts range, in addition to Q400's reserve/divert fuel calculations

  10. Anonymous05:01

    okay thank you all, especially 'Q400' for these answers, good opinions everyone, and sorry ex-yu, i made a mistake first of all, i said zagreb-tehran!

    from anonymous 1

  11. Hi Anonymous,

    'it's not 'wind', but rather the high temperature environment in Abu Dhabi which restricts range, in addition to Q400's reserve/divert fuel calculations'

    Just regarding this point here: The heat/humidity on the ground in Abu Dhabi would not affect the range of any aircraft providing it could get off the ground. So unless the runways in Abu Dhabi are really short (which I don't think they are) then the heat/humidity should not determine how much load including fuel any aircraft could carry.


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