Mixed news from Adria

Adria reports bad results but gets award
Adria has reported that its total loss in passenger figures so far this year, compared to last year amounts to 14.7%, making the second largest loss in passenger figures amongst the leading EX-YU airlines, after Jat Airways. From January to April, the airline also saw significant declines in actual traffic and capacity while its average load factor stands at 54.7%, making it the best in the EX-YU, followed by Jat (51.2%) and Croatia Airlines (49.4%). When compared to 32 other national carriers in Europe, Adria ranks in the middle with its results. The biggest looser so far this year in all areas has been Icelandiar, the national carrier of Iceland as the country continues to crumble economically. Turkish Airlines continues to post impressive results despite the global financial crisis. The airline has the best results amongst European carriers so far.

However, it's not all bad news. According to figures from Bombardier Aerospace, the Canadian manufacturer of the Canadair Regional Jet, Adria Airways has logged the highest dispatch reliability rates for the CRJ100/200 aircraft series. Bombardier Aerospace has awarded Adria Airways its Annual Airline Reliability Performance Award for 2008. The winners were selected on the basis of statistical data kept by the aircraft manufacturer for the entire fleet of Canadair Regional Jet passenger aircraft around the world. The analysis takes into account delays and cancellations of flights for technical reasons. The awards recognise operators who log dispatch reliability rates of 99% or better. This is the second time that the Adria has won the award for the highest dispatch reliability rate in the CRJ category. "This is major recognition for Adria Airways, since it demonstrates the high quality of our fleet maintenance while also increasing confidence in our CRJ maintenance services, since this is the second year in a row that Bombardier Aerospace has classed us among the safest airlines in the world", Tadej Tufek, chairman of the Adria Airways management board said

Meanwhile, preparations are being made for the major construction project about to be launched at Adria’s hub Ljubljana. The Slovenian Air Traffic Control has selected construction company Imos to build a control centre at Slovenia's main international airport at Brnik. The decision follows the much publicised annulment of the previous project after a corruption scandal.