Montenegro Airlines to Skopje

Montenegro Airlines soon operating to Skopje
Montenegro Airlines is considering commencing scheduled services to the Macedonian capital Skopje. According to Macedonian media, the commercial director of the airline Čedomir Đurišić announced the news after talks between Montenegrin and Macedonian aviation agencies. There is good will from both sides to connect both countries via the air. The new service, which would be operated by Montenegro Airlines, could start as soon as mid June with services from Tivat to Skopje. The line would at first be seasonal but if successful could continue throughout the year and flights could be introduced from Podgorica. Montenegro Airlines would operate to Skopje 4 times per week and would allow Macedonian passengers to connect to Montenegro’s popular service to Moscow’s Domodedovo Airport. However, this new service has been announced in the past but had never occurred. It seems this time it is the most closest to becoming reality. Montenegro Airlines would join Adria Airways, B&H Airlines, Croatia Airlines and Jat Airways from the former Yugoslavia operating flights to Skopje. There is currently no direct air link between Montenegro and Macedonia.

Meanwhile, Ohrid Airport is also served by two airline from the former Yugoslav region. Adria Airways operates flights from Ljubljana while Jat Airways serves the seaside town from Belgrade, with the latter service beginning on June 1.


  1. frequentflyer12:48

    And what about other flights from ex-YU to SKP already existing:
    - Croatia Airlines (Zagreb)
    - BH Airlines (Sarajevo)

    Also, isn't JA looking to operate twice-weekly triangle services SJJ-TGD-SKP-SJJ this summer, therefore making YM the second airline to operate between the two countries?

    I'm also surprised this has been the major post from the region today, rather than Bombardier's announcement that OU's two new Qs will be delayed by 6 or more weeks, and OU has wetleased from Dubrovnik Airline an MD-82 as an interim measure (though the logic of a 167-seat jet plane operating in place of a 76-seat prop is a little mind boggling)... and why didn't they use SunAdria's F100 as per last year, with bucketloads-greater efficiency and size?

  2. Apologies about Croatia and B&H. The article has been corrected. News is published on the blog every morning at 9AM CET and the news is prepared some time in advanced so sometimes other news might not get published on the day but will generally be published within the next 24 hours.

  3. Anonymous18:51

    Ohrid would be a lakeside town :)


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