Adria’s figures decline

Bad news from Adria
With a delay of over a month, Adria Airways has finally published its traffic statistics for the month of April. The Slovenian national carrier reported the largest drop in passengers since the beginning of this year. Its passenger numbers declined by 21.3% compared to the same month last year. With this statistics, Adria also performed the worst out of the other two largest Ex-Yu carriers – Croatia Airlines and Jat Airways. Adria’s traffic was down 17% while capacity was cut by 13% compared to April 2008. In April, many European carriers saw a sharp decline in their cabin occupancy index. Adria had an average 58.9% load factor (a decrease of 1% compared to last year). Overall, in the first 4 months of the year Adria has seen a passenger decrease of 17.1%.

The European airline performing worst in the first four months was Icelandiar which saw passengers decrease by more than 22%. TAROM Romanian Airlines reports the worst cabin occupancy index of only 48% followed closely by Ukraine International Airlines and Croatia Airlines. The airline performing the best so far this year, in Europe in terms of passengers, is Turkish Airlines. Spain’s Iberia is reporting the best load factor in Europe of over 78%.

Current data shows that May will be even worse for European carriers while in June airlines should expect to see the worst figures so far this year.


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