After 20 years

Sarajevo - Podgorica
From today B&H Airlines will connect Sarajevo and Montenegro’s capital Podgorica. The two cities will be connected by air with scheduled flights for the first time in 20 years. The flights will operate 3 times per week, every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday while the flights will continue on to Macedonia’s capital Skopje every Wednesday and Friday. Bosnia’s national carrier will operate the flights with the 66 seat ATR72. The approximate flight time between Sarajevo and Podgorica will take some 35 minutes. B&H Airlines has placed its flight times from Podgorica to Sarajevo so passengers can quickly connect onto its flights from Sarajevo to Istanbul, giving passengers the quickest possible solution to fly to the largest Turkish city from Podgorica.

Passengers will have to pay approximately 124 Euros for a one way ticket between Podgorica and Sarajevo while a return ticket should amount to 152 Euros. The ticket price between Podgorica and Skopje is somewhat cheaper (approximately 122 Euros for a return ticket). The airline’s management announced there will be no special celebration on today’s maiden flight due to the conference of the Association of European Airlines taking place in Dubrovnik where many airline representatives will be present. Therefore, a promotional flight between the two cities will be held on the 24th or the 26th of June.

Meanwhile, B&H Airlines’ hub Sarajevo Airport should receive an upgrade. The Italian company SEA, which manages Milan Malpensa Airport, has been given the job to make Sarajevo Airport’s new masterplan a reality. The masterplan includes the expansion of the current terminal, the upgrading of the runway as well as an upgrade for taxi ways and lighting. Also planned is the construction of new roads to access the airport. The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) will provide 15 million Euros for the project while other companies will also invest.


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  2. Anonymous13:57

    The trouble here is the high airport taxes. I think the airport tax a passenger would pay for a departure from SJJ airport is about 20 eur. Every passenger must pay this.

  3. frequentflyer14:35

    @ Bosnian. They've obviously calculated the flights are going to have a low passenger load, so setting the price higher covers some of the shortcomings of running the route.

    Sadly, I can't see this being a permanent, profit-making route for the airline (or Prague for that matter). It could be useful as a seasonal service. The airports are just too close together (177km/96NM)...

    The only way this will work in the long-term is as a stop onto a strong destination (FCO anyone?).

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  6. Anonymous18:20

    I think it is overpriced too! I do appreciatte the fact the B&H Airlines is not low cost company, but that is too much for such a short flight! Lets put it this way: Even with a good marketing (already mentioned bilboards etc) the price is like 40% of average B&H salary! Such a price wouldn't work out even in the countries with much more higher life standard! I just do not understand, what's the point having an empty plane with high prices, isn't it better to promote your company, destination or any other service by word of mouth, by having a full plane, doesn't cost anything more (they don't have to have free meals etc, SAS doesn't have for example), and I am sure that is the only way to BUILD our "fluying culture" which people over ex Yu region don't have.... I have had a look at Croatia Airlines prices (domestic flights are so cheap, you can fly for 25 euros from Zagreb to Dubrovik or any other destination within Croatia and that is the way to keep the customers and load the plane)... I am not saying that the ticket should be that cheap, as I know that taxes have to be paid, but having that price for 35 min flight is too too much(similar thing with Belgrade-Banja Luka, or Zagreb-Sarajevo, etc.... I wonder who is doing(if anyone) marketing in these companies(meaning all ex YU)..... Once again, I am quite new in all of this(I am just observer, who lives abroad and has flown to many destinations in Europe) but I desperatly want to see people from ex Yu start flying -especially within ex Yu cities, learning about booking the tickets, seeing benefit of flight etc. and to afford it of course!

    Regards from Banjalucanin :-)

  7. The tax prices is to hig for Sarajevo Airport! The taxes will be lower if more arlines will make flights to Sarajevo.

    Example for fligtht Sarajevo - Stuttgart (Germanwings)
    Tax price at Sarajevo Airport: 53,50 €
    Tax at Stuttgart Airport: 32,14 €

    This is 100 % SURE!!!

    The director of Sarajevo Airport Bakir Karahasanović says that only use 35 % of Sarajevo Airport. And when they get over the 60-70 % the taxes will be cheaper like in Stuttgart Airport or lower.

    And i have heard that BH Airlines is interesting to buy a third boeing aircraft from Jat Airways or Turkish Airlines.

    They will maybe also start fligt from Sarajevo to Pristina from Summer 2010

    The informations have i from my couisin who work at BH Airlines

    Regards from SWEDEN!

    P.S. I will soon fly CPH - SJJ with BH Airlines :)

  8. And from tonight BH Airlines will fly SJJ - GOT (3 times week) operating with Boeing 737-400

    SJJ 22:00h (Wednesday)
    GOT 00:45h (Thursday)
    GOT 02:45h
    SJJ 05:30h

    The tickets will be cheaper at night than other SJJ - GOT Flights

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  10. @ Bosnian.

    I know it is best to buy from Turkish Airliner.

    Because Turskish airlines Boeing 737-400 is Being phased out.

    When they delivery the another Boeing 734-400 to BH Airlines. Turkish Airlines will have 5 left.

    And BH Airlines is also interesting to buy another ATR72 plane so they can fly SJJ - BEG and SJJ - Zagreb and make the Vienna route to daily.

    Can a Boeing 737-400 handle this route: Sarajevo - New York with a stop in London?


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  12. Just a quick question, didn't know where to post it..

    I read the wiki page on BH today, and there an author is implying the replacement of the current Boeing 734 by a 73G or A320. Is this a load of rubbish or can someone confirm this.

    Seems like a very stupid action if true indeed..



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