Fleet renewal gains momentum

Jat's ATR72
Jat Airways’ fleet renewal which is scheduled to begin in early 2010 is gaining momentum as the company’s management decides on some firm dates for making the decision of which aircraft manufacturers will be chosen. It has been so far decided that the company will choose three different types of aircraft for its fleet. There will be aircraft with 75 seats, with 90 seats and aircraft with over 125 seats that will be chosen. At the recent Paris Air Show Jat’s team has held talks with 8 different aircraft manufacturers. It has been decided that on July 9, 2009 the company should decide which type of aircraft it will peruse to lease or buy. On that day it will also be decided what will happen with Jat’s current fleet of 1 Boeing B737-200, 10 Boeing B737-300s, 1 Boeing B737-400 and 5 ATR72s.

The airline already has 3 scenarios of what should happen with their existing fleet. By July 9, the Serbian national carrier should have a clearer picture if it will go ahead with the takeover of MAT Macedonian Airlines. If the takeover is finalised, some of Jats B737s will be deployed to Macedonia in 2010. The other plan is to lease the B737s to Air Ivoire, the national carrier of the Ivory Coast while the third scenario is to sell 7 B737s. For example, by selling 7 aircraft of this type, whose age amounts to 23 years, the airline could receive enough money to lease aircraft for the next 2 to 3 years. Jat will also pursue to upgrade its ATR72s however whether it will do so depends on upcoming talks with Airbus regarding the purchase of 8 Airbus A319s.

The company’s management has announced that with the aircraft which have a capacity of 70 seats the airline will carry out regional services. The airline would use aircraft with a capacity of 90 seats to destinations in Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Greece and Turkey while larger aircraft with over 125 seats would be used to London, Paris, Zurich, Frankfurt, Moscow and Abu Dhabi. This way the airline would significantly improve its cabin occupancy index. An airline spokesperson said that the carrier finds it difficult to fill aircraft on services which should be served with aircraft with a capacity of 90 seats.

Today Jat’s new CEO should be named.


  1. frequentflyer12:00

    I'll get the ball rolling on this one.

    They'll end up with a fleet of:
    5 x ATR 72-500
    5 x Sukhoi Superjet 100
    8 x Airbus A319

    Reducing from 12 737s to 8 similar-sized aircraft will be the biggest challenge for the airline, though fuel efficiency and cost savings should see positive results.

    Why unproven Sukhois? I can't see Malev actually ever needing or using 30 planes it has on order. They have most likely bought them for their owners (some Russian bank with a long name), who would want to then lease them out. Given the strong Russia/Serbia ties it is a strong possibility.

  2. Anonymous12:28

    best option is E-170/175 or CRJ-700, since they're already tested, and used worldwide

  3. If Jat can't get out of the Airbus deal then my guess:

    4 x A319
    4 x A318
    5 x ATR72-500

  4. Anonymous15:31

    You're all wrong.

    Most likely will be:
    5x ATR 72-500
    2x B737-500
    9x B737-700

    No chance for the Airbus - if it comes in, then Jat Tehnika files for bankruptcy the next day - they don't have any of the tooling for Airbus, nor do they have the money do acquire it.

  5. Anonymous16:16

    that's not a problem. many airlines have mixed fleets and their mechanics have no problem with it. plus you don't get only airplane, you get spare parts with it. and Tehnika will be able to acquire new tooling for Airbuses

  6. Many airlines around the world have gone from Boeing to Airbus. As a pilot I prefer Boeing but it looks like the accountants like Airbus. Re' the point concerning mechanics, both Boeing and Airbus come with CFM56 engines and even if Jat gets Boeing then they will be dealing with newer airframes which have more similar technology to an Airbus 319/320 the an older 737 model.
    I also think that the initial Jat order will be for around 12 airframes with options they may turn to orders in about 3 to 5 years.

  7. CFM56 as an option for an engine I ment to say.

  8. @ Q400

    What airline do you fly for?


  9. Hey Bosnian,

    I hold both an Australian and JAR ATPL. Worked in Australia until February but I am currently looking. Not with an airline at the moment.

  10. @ Q400

    You from Australia?

  11. Australian born with Croatian parents and a citizen of both countries.

  12. @ Q400

    Oh okay! I'm from Melbourne, Victoria :)

  13. Sydney Australia. In Croatia at the moment.

  14. @ Q400

    Oh good!


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