Fourth Dash

Croatia Airlines’ newest fleet member - 9A-CQD
Croatia Airlines has received its fourth Dash 8 Q400 aircraft. The aircraft arrived in Zagreb a few days ago and has received the Croatia Airlines livery as well as the registration 9A-CQD. The aircraft has been named Dalmatia, after the Southern coastal region of Croatia. The aircraft was built during 2009 and has already entered scheduled service for Croatia Airlines. The national Croatian carrier now has a total of 4 Bombardiers and a further two orders for this type of aircraft. It also has a further 4 options for the Bombardier.

The delivery of the Bombardier was made under an agreement Croatia Airlines signed with Bombardier Aerospace on May 31, 2007. The fleet of Bombardiers has replaced the airline’s short haul fleet of ATR aircraft. The Bombardiers operating for Croatia Airlines have a capacity of 76 seats and is organized in an all economy class layout. 9A-CQD which recently arrived is the last Bombardier to be delivered this year to Croatia Airlines. The other 2 orders will be delivered during 2011. The airline now operates 13 aircraft (which includes the leased Adria Airways CRJ200 for the summer). Together with the 2 Bombardier orders it has another 4 Airbus A319s on order.


  1. frequentflyer09:32

    @ EX-YU
    * the aircraft have 76 (not 67) economy seats
    * there are 4 (not 3) 319s on order to be delivered in 2012
    * the two orders - have the delivery date been pushed back from 2010 to 2011? If so, what reason has been given?

    With this delivery, why does OU still need the JP CRJ? And did the Dubrovnik Airline MD ever enter service?

    Congrats to OU for the new arrival - what will we see as winter 09/10 improvements now the full prop fleet is in place?

  2. Congratulations and well done Croatia Airlines!

  3. Any idea who are flying these planes, Croatian pilots or other?

    The reason I ask is because OU have not employed pilots yet this year but may in Sept/Oct.

    So, who will be the pilots of these new Dash 8's until then?

  4. @ Q400

    Is it true that many of the ex Yugoslav countries' airline companies employ pilots from the former Soviet republics, including Russia, and other countries such as Slovakia and Bulgaria?

  5. @frequent flyer: Those mistakes have been fixed. Thankyou for the notice. As for the aircraft delay it is confirmed although no known reason yet. I assume the CRJ is needed for the seasonal summer services and will be returned to Adria by October. As for the Dubrovnik MD82 the aircraft has not been leased to Croatia because one of their planes will be sold. Dubrovnik Airlines is going through some tough financial difficulties.

    @Q400: I assume some of Croatia Airlines’ pilots have been trained for the Q400. Possibly those that used to fly the ATRs?

  6. There was a situation going back a few years where Pilots in OU were getting pretty upset with the management when it came to hiring pilots from overseas (especially captains instead of upgrading first officers.)

    Apparently this has been resolved and OU has been promoting FO's to Captains and have been hiring new Croatian pilots every year.

    I actually put the question to OU about the number of Pilots who fly for OU who are Croatian, I was told that nearly all are Croatian or of Croatian heritage.


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