Montenegro and Macedonia get connected

New flights to Skopje
The national carrier of Bosnia and Herzegovina, B&H Airlines and Montenegrin carrier Montenegro Airlines will commence services to Macedonia from Podgorica and Tivat within the next few weeks. More precisely, B&H Airlines will begin flights to Skopje from Sarajevo via Podgorica from June 17. Using the regional ATR72 aircraft, the Bosnian carrier will operate flights to Skopje via Podgorica twice per week, every Wednesday and Friday. B&H Airlines already operates a direct service from Sarajevo to Skopje. On the other hand Montenegro Airlines will operate services to Skopje from Tivat every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday from June 27 using their Fokker F100 aircraft.

The Montenegrin Embassy in Skopje said that this way the two countries will finally be connected via the air. This will allow greater business cooperation, especially in the sphere of tourism. The Montenegrin Embassy in Skopje has been greatly credited for the start of the new services between Skopje, Tivat and Podgorica. Due to an Embassy intervention, the Macedonian airport authorities significantly decreased their handling prices for Montenegro Airlines which has allowed the carrier to leave their aircraft in Skopje over night before commencing its return journey. The low handling prices should also decrease ticket prices.

Both B&H Airlines and Montenegro Airlines announced interest in commencing services to Skopje weeks ago.


  1. Its good to hear that B&H Airlines is expanding its regional services even more, now to Podgorica, but why take a stop at Podgorica for flights to Skopje? Is it because Montenegro Airlines will fly from Tivat not Podgorica to Skopje?

    If a third jet aircraft is being thought about, then that should be an ATR, as B&H Airlines should strengthen its regional services and Sarajevo become a regional hub for such flights!

  2. frequentflyer12:20

    @ Bosnian, a third jet aircraft would actually allow the ATRs their proper use, and not have them flying longer distances of 2hrs. Shorter turn-around times from the hub ultimately result in more flights.

    The second jet will arrive early because there's no point having it sit in storage for 6 months after it has finished for TK during the summer. So they'll deck it out and put it into service to keep revenue coming in during hard times - not a bad idea really.

    The third jet aircraft would allow great utilisations and probably take over TK's daily flight (doubling frequency with both codeshared), leaving the window open for a possible third daily flight should demand warrant it in the future. What would be of more benefit would be JA reducing the enormous block time allocated SJJ-IST: 1hr50 was time needed for an ageing prop, not a jet. 1hr30 is more accurate, plus return and turnaround gives almost an entire wasted hour!

    Congrats to the two cities being connected: what capitals of the ex-YU are now left not connected by flights (excluding ZAG-LJU for obvious distance reasons, and ZAG-BEG)?

  3. @frequentflyer:

    You're absolutely right about them block times of BH, way too long. I've been tracking the CPH flight on the web and it always arrives too early, while the return flights easily can depart 15 min ahead of schedule.
    Same with the coming ATR flight to PRG. Turnaround time of 1h10, seems a bit much to me.
    And ATR should be used more regional, so Í'm not sure if the second Boeing should be used for new destinations, rather than taking over those destinations a bit further away, so possibly BH can introduces new regional routes with the ATR as you said frequentf.
    Services to BEG for example as they had the all clear sign given for this summer but didn't pick it up.

    This must be very very fresh information, don't see the flight listed anywhere (BH site, Amadeus), and YM flights, do they start 27 or 22 june, I believe I read 22 somewhere, but i could be wrong. Pleas keep us posted.


  4. @frequentflyer: You are correct, all EX-YU capitals are now connected except the ones you mentioned

    @Bo: It is true that the BH flights have yet to be listed on Amadeus although they will probably be listed on Monday. As for Montenegro Airlines, despite some media stating that they start the service on June 22, the flights actually start on June 27.

  5. I really can't wait till BH flys to TGD. Who knows, one day when I'm old enough, maybe I could try a connection through SJJ to a place unreachable from TGD or something.

    poz, idk

    what ever happened to their planned flights to Tripoli in Libya?

  6. I can't really see why they planned it in the first place..

    I think London and Amsterdam are most important now, as well as expanding in the region. A fixed schedule would help a lot i guess (like IST, PRG), instead of every day different departure times..

  7. I agree with Bo and you all about the block times!

    There are hardly any connections in terms of tourism and commerce, and especially trasnportation between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro. A flight between the two capitals would be great for a start, and the two government should work more on things like signing agreements over such important matters. The mountainous landscape on the border between the two countries mean isolation unless work is done.

    London would be a great destination from Sarajevo, as British Airways flights only stopped because of oil prices and not the low interest and cabin load. There is a large Bosnian diaspora in the UK and plenty of international peacekeepers and workers from abroad in Bosnia and Herzegovina that are from Britain (they would find the flights convenient!).

    The same applies for flights for flights to Amsterdam with a high Bosnian diaspora. I'm also thinking of flights to Milan, because of a large population of Bosnian refugees there.

    Anyways, love to hear your thoughts. Ciao :)

  8. Well Milan is an option, but with an ATR I assume. As Alitalia wasn't even able to fill an Embraer-145 properly..

    Would the choice between LGW and LHR change anything in the success rate? As BA managed to do quite well from LGW, but LHR being THE airport of London..

    And finally, TGD flights are now in booking system of BH Airlines web, schedule can be checked, but booking SJJ-SKP (via TGD) or SJJ-TGD gives some difficulties, as the system states it can't find any flights..

  9. Berlin flight tomorrow departure 06.15, in order to be able to operate the DUS flight in the afternoon with an ATR as well..

  10. Bo, i read from some of the other comments that your Bosnian? Muslim Bosnian?

    ....and yes Milan with an ATR, which would probably work. Look Bo, i think we might as well try fly to Heathrow, as you say 'THE airport of the London' as it doesn't matter for the Bosnians which airport to fly from, the matter is to get safely to beautiful Sarajevo! As I say, 'If Jat and Croatia Airlines can, B&H can!'

    Cao :)

  11. I read about OMO-VIE flights once a week starting soon on the BH Wiki site.
    No results anywhere else on the web. So this is either from an insider or it's wishful thinking..

    Anyone with more info?



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