B&H strengthens cooperation

Code sharing with Turkish Airlines
After connecting its hub Sarajevo to many new European cities in the past few months, B&H Airlines has continued to work hard to improve some of its services. On July 3, B&H Airlines entered a mutual code share agreement with its partner and owner Turkish Airlines. The new agreement allows for the two airlines on services between Sarajevo and Istanbul ,and vice versa, to sell tickets on each other’s flights and opens the possibility for further code share and special pro rate agreements.

The following flights have fallen under the new agreement:

RouteTK CodeshareJA Operating
Istanbul - SarajevoTK8035JA103
Sarajevo - IstanbulTK8036JA102

RouteJA CodeshareTK Operating
Istanbul - SarajevoJA2103




Sarajevo - IstanbulJA2102




Meanwhile, B&H Airlines will soon introduce online ticketing, which will allow passengers to purchase their tickets online. All other Ex-Yu airlines already have this feature available on their websites. B&H Airlines expects to take delivery of a second Boeing B737-400 by the beginning of the 2009/10 winter season, starting in late October. B&H Airlines, like other regional rivals, has reported a significant drop in passenger figures this year.


  1. Their website has been finally updated! B&H Airlines is also getting ready for a code share agreement with CSA Czech Airlines and has reached European standards in their catering.

    Their Boeing 737-400's are looking great. A third Boeing jet is being considered, as well as another ATR to take over the Zagreb and Belgrade flights to Sarajevo, as well as to make the Vienna flight daily.

    Its an ambitious airline!

  2. frequentflyer09:21

    It's good to see this in place (effectively doubling both airlines flights to the other city weekly), though looks like an avenue which will allow TK to offload some of its operations and use the current fleet elsewhere.

    JA operating both IST-SJJ flights daily would also mean the afternoon flights would operate later and allow same-day return flights from SJJ - better connecting with longer flights from Asia and Mid-East.

    Any ideas on what the second jet is to be called? Tuzla?

  3. @ frequentflyer

    Why does this Boeing have to be named 'Istanbul' anyway? It sucks, Istanbul isn't even in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

    I would name the planes after rivers in the country, which are plentiful!

    'Una, Sava, Neretva, Bosna, Tara, Drina.....'

  4. Well Istanbul sounds like a good choice, its mostly/partly because of the Turks we even got this far..

    About a third Boeing or ATR.. Is this coming from insiders or is this speculation?..
    Because I read somewhere that Amsterdam services would be started as soon as the 2nd Boeing arrived, but BH is nowhere to be found on the slot-allocation list for winter 2009..
    But if anyone has some good-sourced info about new destinations or so, it is more than welcome..

    I agree with FF that it would be a good idea for JA to take over the other IST flight as well.

    Is it perhaps an idea to update the BH website more often. I have the idea that it isn't done quite often..

    just my 2 cts,

  5. @ Bo

    This 'ATR' rumor is apparently coming from the company of B&H Airlines, but nothing has been decided yet, just a long term plan.....

    B&H Airlines has also stated that flights to London, Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris and maybe Milan will start as soon as the second Boeing arrives, and will strengthen regional routes as well.

    The B&H Airlines website isn't updated as much, probably every two months which is upsetting. They should update at least every second week or so.

  6. frequentflyer11:24

    @ Bosnian
    Off memory, Istanbul was chosen as deference to the new ownership of the airline. Also, it used to be the most frequently served destination by the airline before TK ownership...

    I like the idea of naming after rivers, the only catch would be that they go and rename the entire fleet!

    @ Bo
    Rumours of both aircraft have appeared elsewhere on the net (beyond this forum) for some months. For mine, a third 734 is what's really required, and would mean the 2hr+ German routes (which are really too long) and possibly some ZRH flights could be changed to the jet, freeing up huge blocks of time for short ATR hops.

    JA operating the two IST flights, and receiving a third 734 also would allow a new daily noon departure to IST giving the widest range of flights to the city, and connect in well with the parent TK.

    JA has a history of being a 'very last minute' airline, don't expect any slot allocation requests until September!

  7. @ frequentflyer

    To be precise, I would take the measure to rename the aircraft. I would also create phases for short term and long term plans for the airline.

    1) The Boeing arriving as soon as this season finishes to take over Berlin, Dusseldorf, Vienna and Zurich services from ATR, as well as to take over daily flights from Istanbul with THY. Use the ATR for taking over services to Zagreb and Belgrade to Sarajevo.

    2) If another Boeing arrives after that, which the airline is greatly considering, open up new lines to Amsterdam, London, Paris, Brussels and Milan. Make Vienna services daily from Sarajevo.


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