Corruption at Montenegro Airlines

Zoran Djurišić - there is a black sheep in every flock
Podgorica’s chief prosecutor Djurdjina Ivanović has pressed power abuse charges against Zoran Djurišić, the CEO of Montenegro Airlines. The prosecutor says that Djurišić has defrauded the company of several hundreds of thousands of Euros, the national broadcaster of Montenegro reported. Charges have also been brought forward against the legal unit chief in the company Vladimir Djelević. He is charged with irresponsible supervision. Between 2002 and 2006 Djurišić and Djelević reportedly signed unprofitable aircraft lease contracts with Master Airways, without the approval of the airline’s board of directors. Master Airways was to be the Montenegro Airlines subsidiary in Serbia, however it never gained a license. Djelević was supposed to be the CEO of Master Airways. Montenegro Airlines has also failed to report its financial handlings for 2008 even though, as a public company, it is required to do so by law.

Zoran Djurišić shouldn’t worry about his position within the airline at all. As a member of the political party which is currently in power in the country, on Tuesday, Djurišić was elected for another 4 year term as the CEO of the airline.


  1. Anonymous11:28

    Probably he does'n gave enough money to his menthors in government. So he is guilty :(

  2. Anonymous13:00

    Business as usual in Montenegro !! That country is a joke - full of crooks...


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