Dubrovnik re-launch

After 18 years, Jat Airways' flight JU720 will depart for Dubrovnik from Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport at 12.50 CET. It will be the first time since 1991 that the company has made that journey possible for its passengers. People from Serbia will be able to head to a city that is often described as the pearl of the Adriatic. A statement from the carrier earlier this year said that officials from Jat Airways and Dubrovnik Airport met on May 13 to decide that a new service between the Serbian capital and one of Croatia's most popular tourist spots would get underway this summer. Initial plans are to provide the route to passengers twice a week, on Thursday after midday and Tuesday mornings. The Belgrade to Dubrovnik link-up comes after Jat Airways restarted flights from the Serbian capital to Pula last year after a lengthy period of no service. As a result, today not only sees a flight to Dubrovnik from Belgrade, but also a flight to Pula (operated at 11.55 CET). Jat plans to introduce a third Croatian city to its destination network, Osijek, from summer 2010.

Meanwhile, there seems to be significant development on Jat’s fleet renewal and new aircraft might join the fleet earlier than expected. There will be more news regarding these development by the end of the week.


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  2. An ATR72 will operate on the flights.

  3. Anonymous09:59

    Yes its true, we all three countries ned to travel to eachother countries as once it was many years ago, no we ned to look forward....

  4. Anonymous13:48

    Jat flying to Osijek? From WHERE? No chance...

    Dubrovnik may be the 'pearl' of the Adriatic, but the people there are some of the rudest, most unfriendly people in Europe :-(

  5. Anonymous21:12

    Jat to Osijek must be a very bad joke.

  6. frequentflyer01:00

    Yes, congratulations to re-opening the old routes as it is long overdue. And also agree with the comments re OSI - if the flights are to BEG then it's about 150km between the two cities, hardly sustainable or cost-effective!

    The main question for mine is: What on earth is OU doing handing all the business to competitors? They want tourists to visit arguably one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world, they've bought new regional planes to boost their network, then they don't operate a single route to their nearest neighbour.

    Wake up, OU! Flights to BEG from SPU and ZAG are needed asap to ensure the profitability and stability of the airline in these tough times. Cabin loads are at an all-time low (partly due to taking on much larger, faster aircraft that can be used more often), and this must be a time of rebuilding and opening up to new markets.

    I wouldn't be surprised if the OSI statement is a red herring to ensure they can boost PUY to 5-weekly or daily in 2010.

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