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UPDATE: Jat dumps Dubrovnik

Problem solved
Serbian and Croatian officials met yesterday to discuss the issue of licenses which has developed into a mini scandal at the beginning of the month when Serbia’s Jat Airways resumed flights from Belgrade to Dubrovnik after 18 years, only to be ceased after a week due to the fact that the airline did not attain the needed license from Croatian authorities. After a media storm which ensued in Serbia the country’s ministry of infrastructure and the Croatian ministry of sea, transport and infrastructure met yesterday in Belgrade and talks will be finalised today when Jat is expected to receive a license to operate flights from Belgrade to Dubrovnik and Pula while Croatia Airlines will be given a license to operate flights from Zagreb to Belgrade and Niš, although it is up to the Croatian national carrier if it will take up the offer. From Wednesday all negotiations regarding services between the two countries will be in the hands of the two national carriers. Serbian officials say that that the air traffic agreement could be initiated as early as this week, but that this depends on the readiness of both sides. “The negotiation strategy not only with Croatia, but with all other countries as well, is to make one institutional and legal framework through political negotiations and then, via commercial agreements, between carriers practically identify which lines are justified commercially and see whether they want to fly them”, the Serbian official said.

Another issue to be discussed is the matter the Croatian ministry has in regards to Serbian air space. It wants Serbia to allow aircraft landing at Osijek Airport to use Serbian airspace when landing as if it were Croatian airspace. Due to the close proximity of Osijek to the Serbian boarder it would be extremely beneficial to the airport’s authorities. The Croatian side stated that this was on e of the main topics of discussion, but it remains unknown whether this issue will be resolved completely in the coming hours.

Croatian and Serbian traffic experts will talk about regulating relations by water, railway and highway travel as well, specifically regarding licenses for highway transport. Croatia and Serbia will regulate air travel between each other for the time in history.


Jat has received a temporary license to resume flights to Duborvnik during this summer season however the airline has chosen not to return to Dubrovnik this summer. Flights to Pula continue as normal. The Osijek airspace issue has also been resolved and the details will be finalised next Monday in Belgrade when members of the Croatian Airspace Control Agency arrive . Croatia Airlines can commence flights to Belgrade if it wishes to do so.


  1. frequentflyer09:33

    In one way, we expected nothing less from the two parties in the JU DBV saga. It was the logical answer to both country's problems, though we will have to wait and see if either side learns its lesson for the future. I assume the license is only for this year (2009) and not ongoing?

    Re OU to BEG and INI: can anyone really see this being taken up this year? BEG could be a 2010 option for OU, though INI: ever? The airport is increasingly becoming an ageing white elephant - the best solution for it would be well-timed connecting shuttle flights from BEG by JU using a small aircraft - perhaps something smaller than the AT7.

    The most realistic route between the two countries which has not yet been discussed is BEG-SPU. Secretly, I think JU would want to operate the route to claim all major routes from BEG to the Adriatic Coast (hence the failed attempt at POW): TRS, [POW], PUY, SPU, DBV, TIV. TIA might even be in the mix in the future too...

  2. Anonymous10:15

    Thankyou very much for this Information! I hope the best for Croatia and Serbia Go Go GO.... Philswe

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  4. Anonymous16:46

    Even the LCCs have little interest in flying from Nis - which has little if nothing going for it:
    -Extremely poor (I eblieve they sell cigarettes there by the piece!)
    -Small catchment area
    -Nothing apart from the skiing to bring tourists to the area

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  6. frequentflyer11:37

    Opustati se, Bosnian!!

    It will all be revealed in due course. Some possible reasons might be: the airline saving face, a bigger crisis about to erupt for JAT, or that too many of the bookings want refunds and there is no bookings left for the flights.

    I'm sure (as with many other things on this forum) we'll find out in coming days.

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  8. Anonymous12:37

    Personally I would be happy if Croatia Airlines started flying on the Dubrovnik-Belgrade route. OU has a nice pricing system on their web site, so it's possible to get some good deals on tickets if you buy early. Presumably it might be cheaper to fly DBV-BEG on OU than say TIV-BEG on Montenegro or JAT.


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