Jat optimistic about Dubrovnik

By bus until July 20
The Serbian Government and Jat Airways are optimistic that flights between Belgrade and Dubrovnik, resumed after 18 years a few days ago only to be ceased after 2 flights, will commence on July 20. The Serbian minister for infrastructure (under whose jurisdiction is air transportation), Milutin Mrkonjić said that the Jat Airways license issue for flights between Belgrade and Dubrovnik will be resolved next week when the ministries from Serbia and Croatia meet in Belgrade. Mrkonjić said that “... we want to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. We proposed meetings between our ministries to take place this week but the Croatian delegation is currently in Brussels and therefore the meeting will take place next week. We will resolve the issue between the Belgrade – Dubrovnik flights but also for flights between Belgrade and Zagreb”.

The chairman of Jat’s management board, Saša Vlaisavljević, said that flights to Dubrovnik have to be put in front of politics and that they have been introduced primarily because of the will from passengers. Tonči Peović, Dubrovnik Airport CEO, said that he hopes the issue will be resolved as soon as possible. According to Serbian media reports the same mood resonates amongst most citizens of Dubrovnik.

Yesterday’s flight from Belgrade to Dubrovnik as well as the flight on Monday (July 13) has been cancelled. Jat has compensated passengers that were to travel on these dates although those that still wanted to enjoy their summer in Dubrovnik were flown to Tivat where a bus service to the seaside Croatian town was organised.


  1. Even though there was a problem, Jat was still able to fix this issue by organising more fligts to Tivat and then a bus trip to Dubrovnik.

  2. Interesting how Jat management presume that the issue will be solved next week and have announced flights from 20 July week. I guess they are already selling tickets for these flights?

    Will they ever learn........

  3. frequentflyer02:44

    Maybe JAT should give up airplanes and go into buses - that one in the picture looks great(!) - almost indentical Eurowhite livery to a AT7, clearly hasn't been cleaned in some time, and at least one hubcap missing. Wonder what the condition is like inside?

    If I wanted to travel to DBV but was stuck flying to TIV instead I'd want to make sure I was on THAT bus for the last part of my journey!!


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