No growth in June

No improvement at Jat
Despite its hub airport, Belgrade, hosting this year’s largest sporting event, Jat Airways did not manage to increase passenger figures as the global financial crisis drags on. Jat transported a total of 108.959 passengers in June which is 23% less than in June 2008. The average cabin occupancy rate stood at 57%, compared to 64% in June 2008. To Jat’s most important market, Montenegro, flight operations were decreased by a hefty 33%, naturally decreasing passenger figures between Belgrade, Podgorica and Tivat by 44%. Jat’s Euro-Mediterranean services also saw a 16% passenger decrease this June when compared to last year. Jat’s B737-300 fleet spent the most time in the air. In the first six months of this year Jat transported a total of 451.779 passengers which is 22% less than the same period last year.

The airline also reported that it suspended flights to Dubrovnik because it was not given enough guarantees that the flights would be given the green light by the Croatian Civil Aviation Agency, in Belgrade last week. The Croatian aviation authority says it gave enough assurances to the Serbian carrier.


  1. frequentflyer13:47

    JAT not given enough guarantees that this year's agreed operations could take place (of which they had to have the emergency meeting), or that having lost the trust of the CAA (and sadly, the public) after the Dubrovnik debacle jepardises regular flights beyond Summer 2009?

    A very open-ended answer from the airline...

  2. Anonymous18:01

    Being a big fan of JAT i stay away from flying with JAT because their schedules are inconvenient and the prices are VERY high for their flights. I chose NOT to fly with JAT to Thessaloniki due to poor scheduling (arrival time into Belgrade was inconvenient) and chose to fly Montenegro Airlines to Tivat due to them being much cheaper than JAT. Soon I will once again avoid JAT going to Vienna due to the 19.000 Dinar (just over 200 euros) return air fare compared to the 5.200 Dinar (55 euros) return bus ticket. By the time i get to the airport, check in, board, take off, fly to Vienna, land, go through passport control, collect luggage and get to the city, might as well go by bus and leave myself 150 euros to spend in Vienna. Lets not mention to process and cost of applying for a schengen visa, im not surprised at their inability to attract passengers. Unfortunately to say but i cant wait for the day that Niki and other low cost carriers are given landing rights at Serbian airports!


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