The Russian connection

Soon in Banja Luka and Sarajevo?
Moskovia Airlines, an airline based at Moscow’s Zhukovsky Airport, is planning to introduce scheduled services between the Russian capital and the two largest cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo and Banja Luka. The Bosnian ambassador in Russia confirmed the news. “After Bosnia and Herzegovina signed an air transportation agreement with Russia in April, we immediately noticed great interest on behalf of Russian airlines to begin services to our country”, the Bosnian ambassador said. A meeting between the ambassador and the CEO of Moskovia Airlines is planned for late August and early September when details about the future flights should be finalised.

Moskovia Airlines had previously sent a delegation to Banja Luka Airport when it concluded that it would be able to operate with a Boeing B737-700 on this service if an agreement between the two sides is finalised. The airline is planning to operate 2 weekly flights between Moscow and Banja Luka.

Moskovia Airlines has a fleet of 16 aircraft, all Russian made except for the 1 Boeing B737-700 planned on the services to Bosnia and Herzegovina.


  1. Finally we are connected to Russia. The heavy foreign investment they gave us (especially in Republika Srpska) and the Bosnian Muslim and Orthodox diaspora we have in Moscow and Russia will be even more benefited. Bosnian Serbs will also benefit with cultural and (especially) religious ties. For some reason, for me Banja Luka has more potential for these flights than Sarajevo.

  2. Anonymous13:11

    According to ATI, this airline has 10 aircraft, out of which either the IL-76s or the 1 TU-154M could make the trip non-stop. I don't see anything about a 737...

    The article also makes another mistake: They will operate flights out of Moscow Domodedovo airport.

  3. In fact anonymous they do operate a B737-700 and it is not a mistake (registered VQ-BDI and delivered in late May this year and the aircraft is 10 years old).

  4. Anonymous01:38

    Thanks ex-yu. What's your source?


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