Tivat expansion

Tivat Airport passenger terminal
The second largest airport in Montenegro is being expanded both service and capacity wise. A week after B&H Airlines launched flights from Podgorica to Skopje, Montenegro Airlines has launched flights to the Macedonian capital from Tivat. The flights, which operate 4 times per week, were launched last Sunday, on June 28. There were a total of 70 passengers to and from Skopje on Montenegro Airlines’ Fokker F100. On this occasion Lela Agović from As-trans Komerc, the representative of Montenegro Airlines in Skopje, said that the new line was established at the beginning of the summer tourist season and Macedonian citizens are very interested in it. She added that Montenegro Airlines has harmonised its flights from Skopje in a way that passengers from Macedonia can transfer to other flights towards European capitals. Montenegro Airlines recently launched services to from Tivat to Paris and Niš while it established services to Copenhagen and Rome yesterday. Flights from Tivat to Priština will begin on July 5. Montenegro Airlines has begun using Tivat as a testing ground for future services from Podgorica. If a certain service is successful from Tivat, it will be ended at the end of October and transferred to Podgorica.

Meanwhile, the general aviation parking at Tivat Airport has been expanded. The investment was worth 2.5 million Euros. The new expanded parking apron allows 6 smaller general aviation aircraft to be parked or two larger aircraft such as the Airbus A320 and the B737.