Tivat loss

Tivat Airport has become the latest airport in the Ex-Yu region to be affected by the global financial crisis. Despite this seaside Montenegrin airport expanding its apron recently so more aircraft can be accommodated, the airport reported a drop in aircraft operations as well as passenger figures. In spite of the peak season which is currently unfolding, the airport is reporting the same volume of traffic and passengers this summer while for the first six months of the year the airport has reported more than 17% drop in passenger movement. A total of 1.488 aircraft operated out of Tivat until the end of June this year, while a total of 171.000 passengers used the airport. That is 17.8% less passengers than in the first half of last year. The number of aircraft operating out of Tivat has decreased by only 3, meaning that the total aircraft operations amount to 569. During June alone there were 840 passengers less than June 2008.

The busiest day for Tivat Airport is usually a Saturday. So far this year, June 28 has been the busiest day with 7.380 passengers handled and 47 aircraft landing during the day. On average the airport handles 20 aircraft.

Tivat Airport is heavily used by charter airlines, particularly from Russia, during the summer months as it is the quickest way tourists can get to towns such as Budva. Recently, Montenegro Airlines has started focusing more on the airport by introducing services to Copenhagen, Priština, Niš and Rome.