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Twice per week to Zagreb
Only a few weeks after Croatia Airlines introduced flights from Zagreb to Barcelona, Spain’s national carrier Iberia has inaugurated services from Madrid to the Croatian capital a few days ago. The new service to Zagreb will be the only new route the airline will introduce in 2009. The service will operate two times per week on a seasonal summer basis. Iberia becomes the third airline to operate services between Spain and Zagreb after Croatia Airlines and Dubrovnik Airlines which now offers services to Madrid as well.

On its inaugural flight, the Iberia Airbus A320 aircraft had a total of 140 passengers from Madrid, mostly tourists. The return leg had 71 passengers on board. The flights will operate until September 20. At a reception on the occasion of the first flight, Iberia Commercial Director Manuel Lopez Colmenarejo said that depending on the performance of the flights they might continue throughout the year. All flights details can be found here. Iberia is one of Europe’s largest airlines although it has suffered significant losses since the global financial crisis arrived in Spain. The airline is expected to be taken over by One World alliance partner British Airways. Despite the turbulent year, Iberia still records one of the highest cabin occupancy rates in Europe and has been one of the largest profit making airlines on the continent in recent years.


  1. Looking forward to the archives of the good old JAT Jugoslovenski Aero Transport. It was a world airline then, and it shrinked like a Nokia phone in both its fleet and route network in just more than a decade!

  2. frequentflyer11:36

    Yes Bosnian, but could you imagine flying around in 2009 in a Wright Brother's plane as part of commercial service? Aviation technology has improved dramatically (just like a Nokia), the route network had to eventually be rationalised...

    I think this will be an interesting route - if it is well enough supported this year and next (whilst airlines are doing it tough), this could become a year-round service (similar to TAP).

  3. @ frequentflyer

    Mhmm, it would suck flying with a crap 50's plane in 2009!


  4. Nemanja14:56

    When will there be further news regaurding Jats fleet renewal.

    I think that it would be better if Iberia replaced the Madrid Zagreb line with a Madrid Mallorca line on a seasonal basis

  5. @Nemanja: The negotiations regarding Jat’s fleet renewal takes place today so there will be news regarding it in the upcoming days.

  6. Nemanja17:52

    Thank you for your reply exyuaviation. Meanwhile routes which both countries Croatia and serbia could do with are Dubrovnik Mostar and Belgrade/Nis Sochi

  7. Anonymous00:59


    Just because you host this forum, it doesn't mean you actually know what you're talking about.

    As an insider, I'm often stunned by the innaccuracy of some of the things you post or source. You need to be more humble, and preface your comments/articles with: "according to this/that souruce, xxx Airlines/Airport is doing abc"

    If you don't, you'll continue to get yourself into more trouble...
    and eventually you'll really not want anyone to find out where who you are/where you're located...

  8. @ Nemanja

    Dubrovnik-Mostar line? They're just to close together, or am I wrong? I don't think that line will be profitable.

    Split, Pula or Dubrovnik served from Sarajevo on a seasonal basis from either B&H Airlines, Croatia Airlines or Dubrovnik Airlines should really happen.

  9. Anonymous06:56

    The only type of flight from Mostar to/from Dubrovnik will be by either Mig29 or F16, certainly not by any commercial aircraft!!

  10. Anonymous: If you think this blog is inaccurate or falsifies information then you do not need to read it nor are you forced to do so. Every article here is from some sort of media type and is neither fabricated nor a product of imagination. Anyhow, despite your concerns thankyou for constantly visiting, reading, debating and actively commenting on the blog despite the fact that you do not have to do any of the above!


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