Croatia Airlines surpasses million

Over 1 million passengers flying with Croatia Airlines in 2009
Since 2000, Croatia Airlines has managed to transport over 1 million passengers each year, with every year the millionth passenger travelling on Croatia Airlines earlier than the last. The Croatian national carrier has transported its millionth passenger on July 23 this year although this is 11 days later than last year. The late arrival is due to the global financial crisis which has, in the first 7 months of the year, seen a passenger decline of 4.7% compared to 2008. From January 1 to August 3, Croatia Airlines transported 677.200 passengers on scheduled international services, 289.800 on scheduled domestic services and 33.000 on chartered flights. The airline’s millionth passenger this year was Anita Brekalo travelling from Zagreb to Dubrovnik. She has been awarded with 2 return Business Class tickets on any international service operated by Croatia Airlines.

During this summer season Croatia Airlines is operating approximately 4 daily flights between Zagreb and Dubrovnik. The first scheduled service between the two cities was operated in 1991. To date a total of 992.000 passengers have travelled with Croatia Airlines from Zagreb to Dubrovnik while from Dubrovnik to Zagreb a total of 1.031.000 passengers used Croatia Airlines in the last 18 years.


  1. Anonymous17:36

    I travelled from Zagreb to Copenhagen today with Croatia Airlines! It seems to be that Croatia airlines is a balkan leader when it comes to connection flight, it was a great loadfactor with many Croats, Serbs and Bosnjaks onboard, and Albanians. Well done Croatia Airlines! PhilSWE


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