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Remember him - Saša Vlaisavljević
Saša Vlaisavljević, who was the CEO of Jat Airways since October 2007 until the beginning of July this year, has surprisingly resigned from his new position. Vlaisavljević gave up his executive position at Jat to become the city manager of Belgrade but on Wednesday he resigned without reason, less then 2 weeks into his new job. Some Serbian media have now suggested that a major corruption scandal in Jat is about to be unearthed which is directly linked with Vlaisavljević and his time within the airline. Saša Vlaisavljević has left Serbia and is currently not in the country. The largely unpopular Vlaisavljević has, during his reign at Jat, introduced strict cost cutting measures and reduced the airline’s workforce by almost 800. Vlaisavljević also ordered the closure of many of Jat’s international offices, most notably in New York City. At Jat, he also employed a close family member and placed them within an important sector at the airline. After choosing to become the city manager of Belgrade, Vlaisavljević was also given a position on the airline’s board of directors (which he accepted), although his position is now in jeopardy. Furthermore, the current Jat management has been in a great deal of conflict with Vlaisavljević and it is suggested they would gladly expose him if any corruption did take place. Relations were further worsened when Jat’s current management decided to publish passenger figures for 2009, which displayed mass losses and furthermore illustrated that the radical cost cutting measures introduced by Vlaisavljević have failed.

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  1. These people deserve to have moustaches permanently tatooed onto their faces. if they take joy in killing the prestige of jat, we should take joy in making them look as stupid as they are corrupt.

    -A question for the ex yu av. blogger who is running this blog (and doing very good at that, hvala), what management in your opinion is the 'innocent one', or the 'more innocent' one? the current one or vlaisavljevic management? was the current ceo doing the right thing to postpone leasing the 737-700s?

    any rumors of new services to BEG by other airlines than jat, perhaps for the winter 09/10 timeable?

  2. I can’t really tell who is doing a better job. This will be seen probably when the summer period is over and people return from their holidays. The first signs of weather the management is doing their job well will be the winter schedule which will be published weekly for each EX-YU airline from late September on the blog.

  3. Anonymous17:31

    As for the corruption angle: Look out for any headlines connected to the sale of Jat's freeholds on buildings in London, Amsterdam, Milan, etc - it will be VERY interesting to see a) WHO bought the freeholds and b) for what price!

    Vlaisavljević is a real Prick. He had no choice but to cost cut, but did so in a manner that made no sense.


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