New development at Dubrovnik Airport

Dubrovnik Airport
Dubrovnik Airport is planning to enlarge its apron for private aircraft. The airport’s authorities are also planning on the expansion of the existing lounge for VIP guests at the end of the current tourist season, in late September. The project entails the construction of 20 new parking spaces for aircraft whose owners are willing to pay a bit extra for special treatment. The entire project will amount to 6 million Kunas (818.000 Euros). Currently, one VIP lounge reservation costs more than 150 Euros, so the airport management considers the VIP capacity enlargement necessary because it believes the investment will pay off. Recently, there were 21 private jets at the airport.

The VIP potential is being explored as some other services the airport offers are reporting a slump in business. In another example that the current economic crisis has no boundaries, Dubrovnik Airport’s duty free shop reported an 11.19% fall in sales in the first 7 months of 2009 compared with the same period last year. Trade department manager of the state-owned duty free store Nikša Milanović said: It is recognised everywhere that we are in a recession. At our airport, British customers continue to be the number one cistomers but still there is a problem with the exchange rate after the Pound fell in value by 33% last year against the Euro, and the British are still cautious about spending as the Euro is still over valued”, he said

Currently Dobrovnik Airport is in the midst of an expansion. A new 36.500 square meter terminal and four jet bridges are under construction. The new terminal will have a projected annual capacity of 3.5 million passengers. Further expansion is planned after 2011, with more floor space and 4 additional jetways. This will increase the capacity further to 5.5 million passengers per year. The terminal at Dubrovnik Airport, once completed, will be the largest in Croatia. Future airport plans call for an extensive economic zone and a large four star airport hotel, and long term plans call for a new runway and the conversion of the existing runway to a taxiway.


  1. I wonder is any international private jet handles have shown interest in Dubrovnik Airport such as Universal Aviation or Jeppessen.

  2. JATBEGMEL19:12

    Great news for DBV.


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