Priština Airport on sale

Construction of new terminal planned
The government of Kosovo has invited all potential bidders to submit their credentials by September 23, 2009 to qualify for the management and further development of its only commercial service airport – Priština. All potential bidders who qualify in accordance with the minimum requirements specified in the Request for Qualifications (RFQ), will be invited to submit proposals for the project. The government aims to conclude the transaction by December. "The government of Kosovo invites experienced airport operators, developers, and investors to submit qualifications for the purposes of being short-listed to participate in a competitive tender for the operation and expansion of Priština International Airport", a government announcement says. "As is currently envisioned, the project will be a 20 year agreement of the type design-build-finance-operate-transfer (DBFOT) and contains the following: management, operation, and maintenance of Priština International Airport and the financing, design, procurement and construction of a program for the expansion of infrastructure, which includes the construction of a new 25.000 square meter terminal, air traffic control facilities, new apron, taxiways, water treatmentfacility, and parking areas", the announcement reads.

Priština International Airport is a vital component of the transportation infrastructure of the disputed Kosovo region. The airport served 1.2 million passengers in 2008, with 14.000 flights and is one of the rear airports in the region to report passenger and profit growth this year. The airport is currently profitable, but the government predicts that an experienced operator will be able to generate additional sources of revenue and improve the overall level of operation. Look out for Turkish airports operator TAV to place a bid.


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  2. Anonymous12:39

    Im guessing through the UN since they are/were running it.

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  4. Anonymous19:35

    UNMIK govern the route rights.

    However, from the Serbian perspective, if you do operate to Pristina, they consider it a service to a Serbian airport, in the same way they would a flight to Nis - and this can have implications depending on what the bilateral agreement looks like between Serbia and whatever other country... this is what prevents Adria from operation LJU-BEG..


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