Zadar Airport to expand

Another airport expansion in Ex-Yu
Zadar Airport, which is one of the only airports in the region to sale through the global financial crisis unscaved, now plans to expand its terminal by 2.500 square metres. Zadar Arport has continued to break previously set passenger records this year and construction work on the terminal expansion will begin next year. The current terminal building does not have the capacity to handle the current passenger volume. The airport will be expanded by 2.500 square metres bringing the total size of the airport’s terminal to 7.500 square metres.

The expansion will be carried out in 2 phases. The first phase will be to construct an additional 500 square metres to the airport’s west wing and turn it into an area for domestic departures. The current domestic flights area would be turned into an area for international departures. The next phase of the project would begin in 2011 when the rest of the international flights area would be expanded and the terminal will be widened by 14 metres. The total cost of the expansion ill amount to 1.5 million Euros. The airport has already handed in the documentation, needed for the terminal expansion, to local authorities.

The airport’s management also plans to widen the existing runway. Some work, such as the expansion of the car park and the construction of a cargo depot, has been completed this year.


  1. frequentflyer10:29

    Well done to Zadar Airport, but the question remains: given the same capacity problems are faced at Zagreb (and that project has been announced and delayed already), when will the major airport in the country finally get its long-awaited upgrade?

  2. Anonymous13:04

    The way that Ryanair drop airports from their schedules would make me very worried about investing in extra capacity based on Ryanair's promises of flights.

  3. ANONYMOUS13:13

    Indeed - Ryanair move capacity in and out of airports like people change underwear. The minute that a certain airport doesn't lower their charges, or do whatever else they ask for, they'll cancel flights.


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