2009/10 winter season timetable
B&H Airlines

B&H Airlines will launch its 2009/10 winter schedule on October 25 with 3 aircraft – 2 ATR72s and 1 Boeing B737-400. While the arrival of a second Boeing aircraft is scheduled during the winter season there is still no firm date for its arrival and thus has not been scheduled on any services during the winter. Keep in mind that this is a preliminary schedule and as such is subject to change, especially when B&H is concerned. Any changes will be brought to your attention by visiting the blog.

Frequency changes

There will be no overwhelming frequency changes during this winter when compared to the summer. Notably, the airline will increase services to Istanbul and Stockholm. Flights to Istanbul will be increased from 6 times per week to daily flights while 1 service to Gothenburg will be extended to Stockholm thus increasing the number of Stockholm bound flights from 1 to 2 per week. Another flight from Banja Luka to Zurich will be introduced. Daily flights from Sarajevo to Zurich will now be making 3 stops in Banja Luka, rather than 2.

When compared to the summer, there will be some significant time reshuffling. The Wednesday service to Vienna will be replaced by a Sunday flight. Flight times to Istanbul are being changed with an introduction of an evening flight to Istanbul and an early morning departure from Istanbul to Sarajevo. The Monday flight to Copenhagen has now been moved to Sunday instead.

New and suspended routes

The introduction of new services will depend on the arrival of a new aircraft scheduled sometime during the winter. As there is no set date for the aircraft’s arrival, new flights could be launched later during the winter season. The current fleet is still not being utilised to its maximum.

The airline is suspending services to Podgorica and Skopje. New flights from Tuzla to Istanbul are being considered. This service, if it gets a final approval, would originate from Tuzla, rather than Sarajevo. Therefore there would be a total of 9 weekly flights from Bosnia and Herzegovina to Istanbul operated by B&H.

The following displays all of the modifications taking place in the B&H Airlines 2009/10 winter schedule


Summer 09


Winter 09/10


Summer 09


Winter 09/10

Frankfurt4 (2 via Tuzla)4 (2 via Tuzla)ATR72ATR72
Skopje3 (2 via Podgorica)SUSPENDEDATR72-
Stockholm12 (1 via Gothenburg)B737-400B737-400
Zurich7 (2 via Banja Luka)7 (3 via Banja Luka)ATR72ATR72

All frequencies are on a weekly basis


  1. Anonymous09:28

    No traffic rights between GOT and ARN I presume?

  2. No, they don't have any flights between GOT and ARN

  3. I guess it will be the same as with the summer timetable.. Within the next couple of months we will see numerous changes to the timetable as it is presented here today..

  4. HARIS-DK10:46

    You have made some mistakes!

    Duesseldorf will be operated 3 times a week. Monday and Friday by B737 and Wednesday by ATR72.

    The gothenburg route will be 3 times weekly.

  5. According to Amadeus and the B&H website, flights to Gothenburg will operate only 2 times per week. As for Dusseldorf you are correct. The error has been changed.

  6. @ anonymous

    You are right! Ex yu aviation says that there are no flights between Gothenburg and Stockholm, but on the table it says that there is 1 flight via Gothenburg to Stockholm from Sarajevo. There must be flights between GOT and ARN!.

  7. There are flights between GOT and ARN with BH. I should have been more clear as I wanted to say B&H does not have rights to seell tickets between the 2 cities.

  8. The wednesday DUS flight only shows at DUS airport website, not at Amadeus or BH webstranica


    Once a week the route = SJJ-GOT-ARN-SJJ

    Once a week the route = SJJ-ARN-GOT-SJJ, says Amadeus.

  9. @ ex yu aviation

    But does B&H Airlines have rights to fly between Gothenburg and Stockholm?

    Does B&H Airlines have the potential to fly to Oslo and Helsinki? What do you guys think?

  10. B&H has the rights to fly between the 2 cities and it will be flying but it does not have the right to sell tickets between the two, meaning you can’t book a ticket between Gothenburg and Stockholm with B&H. You can either book a ticket between Sarajevo and Gothenburg or Sarajevo and Stockholm (and vice versa).

  11. Anonymous12:08


    do you have timetable collected with time, I would really need it for Flight Simulator.


  12. HARIS-DK12:56

    @ Anonymous

    what is your e-mail i have the winter timetable for B&H Airlines.

  13. Klemen20:34

    Thanks, can you pleas send it to klemen[dot]kaltnekar[at]htmail.com

    Thanks very much!

  14. Klemen21:33

    I just saw, it should be ...@hotmail.com

  15. Tuzla-Istanbul flights now on Amadeus. Originate from SJJ

    Sunday and Tuesday with ATR.
    However it gives conflict with VIE & FRA

    FRA 14.30
    IST 14.30
    VIE 14.45

    I checked, Amadeus/BH gives all 3 flights with ATR, dont know how they want to make that work.

    Furthermore, DUS 3x week, Mon, Wed, Sat all ATR. So Boeing is only used on CPH, ARN/GOT and IST.


  16. VIE flight on Sunday Cancelled, problem solved :-).

    Pozz, Bo


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