Another expansion

Split Airport passenger terminal
After Dubrovnik, another airport in Croatia is about to be expanded. The CEO of Split Airport Lukša Novak has signed an agreement with Zagorje Tehnobeton general director Miroslav Bunić for the enlargement of the airport apron. The addition of an additional 35.000 square meters will cost around 68 million Kunas or 9.32 million Euros. Construction should be complete by the start of the 2011 tourist season.

Novak said that the enlargement of the apron would enable the airport to deal with aircraft in a safer and more efficient manner. Split Airport will be in full compliance with international regulations regarding aircraft parking after the enlargement. It will also allow the airport to handle more aircraft, which is vital during the tourist season. Novak said the project would be wholly financed by the airport. Construction company Zagorje Tehnobeton has been awarded the contract for the work in competition with six other firms. Construction should start in October.

In 2008, Split Airport handled 1.203.778 passengers. This year the airport has been reporting a significant passenger decline. Split Airport is the second largest, in term of passenger numbers, in Croatia, after Zagreb. The next phase of Split Airport’s expansion is expected to begin in 2012 when a construction of a new terminal is scheduled.


  1. Good to see Split getting this needed expansion.

    Any idea if the current ramp will become wider or if they will extend the apron towards the road and create an 'L' shape?


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