B&H routes fail

B&H Airlines - too optimistic
B&H Airlines is terminating services to Prague and Berlin due to their low profitability. The 2 destinations were launched over the summer after the Bosnian national carrier received a Boeing B737-400 from Turkish Airlines. The services to Prague and Berlin were launched as part of 9 new destinations B&H had started up. Flights to Prague, which operated 4 times per week, will be terminated today while flights to Berlin, which operate 2 times per week, will cease on September 15. The flights had problems from the very beginning as the launch date of the services were constantly delayed and moved due to low passenger interest. Most other recently launched services are also unprofitable due to a lack of interest on behalf of passengers. During the summer B&H Airlines launched flights to Stockholm, Copenhagen, Gothenburg, Dusseldorf, Vienna, Skopje and Podgorica, together with Prague and Berlin.

Local media suggest that other destinations might be cut by the start of the winter season, which begins in late October. Dusseldorf is expected to join Prague and Berlin as a dumped destination although there has not been any official word yet. B&H Airlines will now serve a total of 11 destinations from Sarajevo. In the first half of the year B&H was also forced to terminate services from Tuzla to Frankfurt due to low interest.


  1. @ ex yu aviation

    Are you sure the airline will now serve 10 destinations? I think a little bit more cities will be served than that. This is bad news :(

  2. frequentflyer09:14

    Is anyone surprised?

    In a rapid expansion like this, any airline either has to absorb heavy losses in its first year (or 2) to build patronage, or really have done its homework to ensure that they are offering the flights people want.

    Sadly, we've seen JA refuse the former because they've failed to do the latter first. A good idea, but not well thought through obviously. Would have been interesting to see if there was a business plan set up, or just stuff 'on the fly' (no pun intended)...

    I see DUS becoming a seasonal destination for the airline (remembering you don't always need to operate a route year-round), and would seriously caution where the second 734 goes into operation - tried and true neighbouring countries will be more successful for the airline (daily flights to ZAG and BEG) than far-flung, low frequency destinations with high risk.

  3. personally i would really like seeing BH Airlines adding their own daily service to BEG since Jat's SJJ flights are really poopily timed. Plus it would add some more color to the airport.

  4. @ Veliki Puzic

    Yeah me too, and some flights to Zagreb.

  5. Anonymous00:29

    Idealno za ljetnu sezonu 2010 za BH Airlines bi bio sljedeci red letenja(pod uslovom da uvrste u flotu jos jedan mlazni avion)
    Istanbul 2x daily (preuzeti let od THY)
    Zagreb daily (3x via OMO)
    Zurich daily(3x via BNX)
    Vienna daily (2x via BNX)
    Frankfurt daily (2x via TZL)
    Amsterdam 3x weekly
    Copenhagen 2x weekly
    Stockholm 3x weekly via GOT

  6. When I 'play' with Amadeus with dates in the winter timetable, I get the following out of it.

    JA will have an overnight stay @IST
    ARN flights on Wed & Sat via GOT
    DUS on Mon & Fri with 737
    ZRH remains Daily, 3x via BNX
    FRA remains 4x week, 2x via TZL
    VIE drops Wed flight, Sunday flight instead.
    CPH moves to Sunday, Thursday remains the same.

    Can anyone confirm any of this?

    TXL and PRG are being dropped, and I couldn't find anything about SKP and TGD.
    Any news on new routes yet?


  7. JATBEGMEL19:45

    I dont see how a B734 fill from SJJ, considering that the former Air Bosna didnt fill their MD's while they were flying. I would of thought a better investment would of been on more ATR72's and maybe a B736 which has less seats to fill. would love to see JA return to BEG.

  8. Zrak16:48

    eh, I certainly won't choose to fly to ARN via GOT when I have option of flying Norwegian directly to ARN. If this is true than it is truly bad move.

    Is there any confirmation that SJJ-ARN flight is going over GOT?

    Btw I'm surprised that JA is not considering flight to Brussels considering heavy traffic between EU administration and BiH. When I was last time at BRU I noticed map of Europe that was showing which countries had connection to BRU and only three countries that didn't have regular connection were BiH, Belarus and Albania.

  9. Anonymous22:20

    @ zrak,

    DY only has flights in the summer season. Last flight was september 26. flights will resume on April 3, 2010. Lower demand, big AC = smart move to combine the 2 cities..

    Furthermore, AMS has higher priority, or at least should have. Lots of transfer traffic and some diaspora here..

    Maybe make it a triangle flight as JAT does, and JA do on Got-Arn



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