B&H to gamble on Tuzla

Tuzla Airport passenger terminal
The national airline of Bosnia and Herzegovina, B&H Airlines, has gambled in the past by starting up flights from secondary international airports in Bosnia and Herzegovina such as Mostar, which turned out to be unprofitable. However, the airline will try again, this time from Tuzla. B&H Airlines is expected to soon announce the launch of a new service between Tuzla and Istanbul, to be operated twice per week. The service would be operated by an ATR72 every Tuesday and Sunday, with flights departing Tuzla at 16.00 (4pm) and leaving Istanbul at 21.00 (9pm). Turkish Airlines is expected to code share on this service. B&H already operates flights from Tuzla to Frankfurt. Outside of Sarajevo, the airline also operates flights from Banja Luka to Zurich.

The airline is yet to list the flights in its reservation and timetable systems. B&H Airlines is reshuffling the departure times for many of its Sarajevo – Istanbul flights this winter in order to make the flights more convenient for passengers, especially those continuing their journeys further on. The arrival of a second Boeing B737-400 could be delayed due to the fact that the current Boeing aircraft is not being used to its maximum capacity. Blog visitors will be able to find all of B&H’s 2009/10 winter timetable modifications this Saturday.


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  2. frequentflyer10:25

    Tuzla is a dead duck. Who is supposed to be on these planes?? There's minimal business traffic, 0% leisure traffic with exorberant fares at unfavourable times...

    Better to work out a strategy to get OMO back off the ground first!

  3. 2 hour flight on this type of turbo pro = expensive tickets.

    A better option would be to operate from Tuzla to say Belgrade, Ljubljana or Zagreb. This way passenger’s from Tuzla would have many more destinations to choose from other then just Istanbul.

  4. JATBEGMEL12:14

    @ Q400

    I dont think itll be a wise move to have Tuzla-Belgrade flights due to the fact the cities are some 3 hours apart by car. Tuzla-Zagreb or Tuzla-Ljubljana i guess could work, more the Zagreb-Tuzla route had OU kept their ATR 42's. I dont see anything bigger than 50 seater aircraft profitably servicing the airport.

    IMO i think JA should work on introducing more flights from BNX considering its the only hub in BiH which has managed to keep its flights other than SJJ. If im not mistaken, the SJJ-BNX-ZRH route has been open since JA commenced services which i guess is making some profit. Maybe SJJ-BNX-CDG to connect to flights to N. America could come next?

    I hope soon that the B734 leaves the fleet and that a ERJ190 or a similar aircraft replaces it, would hate to see B&H Airlines end up as another Air Bosna. The B734 aircraft to me is too big for JA.


    When I was writing the last message I had JA in mind but OU would have no problem operating the Q400 to Tuzla. Its a very cheap aircraft to operate.

    When the next 2 Q400 enter service next year it will be interesting to see where they are operated. Maybe Tuzla?

  6. Tuzla, among other destionation I mean.

  7. Dont know the current loads on TZL-FRA, but BH had a clear reason to suspend these flights temporarily a while ago..

    So if another flight from TZL will work.. Time will tell.

    I'm curious about new Boeing flights to important connecting cities, such as AMS or LON..

    Wait and see i guess!

  8. HARIS-DK17:02

    Yust wait and see! B&H Airlines will soon take the Zagreb route from Croatia Airlines, Belgrade route from Jat Airways and Ljubljana route from Adria!

  9. JATBEGMEL18:34

    @ Q400

    i can see OU reopening the ZAG-BEG when the new Q400's come in. Would love to see OU back in BEG, and would be intresting if JAT and OU sign a codeshare agreement. Would be intresting to see where those new Q400's do end up.

    @ HARIS-DK

    yes, this will all happen once those new A380's come for the route ;-)


    Zagreb - Beograd will never happen like Zagreb - Ljubljana!

    SCANDINAVIA Is the best market for B&H Airlines. At the summer season every flight from this Copenhagen, Stocholm and Gothenburg was full.

    Posibly destinations for B&H Airlines for the next 2-3 years: Pristina, Zagreb, Beograd, Ljubljana, Dubai, Amsterdam, London, Paris, Brussels.

    Ako Bog Da...

  11. Good one JATBEGMEL =). BH currently doesn't have the capacity to take over all these routes from JU/JP/OU..

    And about the SJJ-TGD-SKP-TGD-SJJ flights. I guess they will cease to exist as YM introduced their own TGD-SKP flights with a lower price.. Maybe as two seperate routes from SJJ, but combined I doubt they will stay for much longer...


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  13. HARIS-DK07:34

    I'm not from B&H Airlines

    The Boeing 737-400 Use the air bridge every time.

    According to the other you asked about i will get some more info for in 1 week.

    B&H Airlines can easy tako over Zagreb, Ljubljana and Beograd route.

    SJJ - Zagreb daily ATR72
    SJJ - Beograd daily ATR72
    SJJ - Ljubljana 5x weeks ATR72

    And when the second B737 it could take over the ATR72 routes like frankfurt, zurich.

  14. JATBEGMEL11:10

    @ Bosnian

    JA dont have the aircraft capable of flying to DXB nonstop, JAT too have the B734 which isnt used on the route and the B733 is being flown via LCA. besides, JA is owned by TK, who might i add is most likely being fed passengers from SJJ via IST going onwards to DXB to feed EK flights to Australia and South Africa, so i wont count on DXB.

    @ Haris DK

    BEG-PUY, BEG-DBV and ZAG-PRN already have relised, and there has been talks between Croatia and Serbia about reopening flights between the 2 former Yugoslav states. I see JAT being given rights to flights between BEG and PUY, DBV and SPU where as OU will be given rights between ZAG and PRN and BEG, which is very likely.

    PRN would be an intresting destination for JA, but i would imagine the better destinations would be VIE, CDG, AMS, LGW or LHR...but i still believe a 90 seater jet ac is better in increasing frequencies for JA which is limited with the B734.

  15. doot12:22

    I think B&H could make money if they could set up a decently connected Belgrade-Sarajevo-Pristina route.

    It could serve NGO types who work in Pristina and travel to Belgrade.

    It would take care of the 'Kosovo stamp issue' foreigners face (if you travel to Kosovo by air or via macedonia, albania or MNE, you can't go directly to Serbia because you don't have a Serbian stamp in your passport).

    This way you fly to Sarajevo, get a b&h stamp and then to Serbia.

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  17. doot11:01

    The 'Serbian stamp issue" applies to everyone, but I think you don't understand the problem.

    If you enter Kosovo (on any passport) from a country other than Serbia, you can't travel to Serbia directly.

    The police at the 'administrative border' look in your passport, see there's no Serbian entrance stamp in your passport and send you back. (it's no problem going from, say, Belgrade to Pristina by car or bus and then returning to Belgrade as, according to the border police, you haven't left Serbia.

    So, if you're travelling from Pristina-Belgrade and you arrived in Kosovo from a country other than Serbia, you have to transit through a 3rd country.

    This is why a Belgrade,Sarajevo or Tuzla,Pristina flight would make sense. It's the most "direct" route that's not a direct flight, which will never happen.

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  19. Zrak17:17


    I agree with you. We definitevely wont be seeing any JA flights further eastward than IST as it doesn't make sense considering that they are owned by TK

    I'm still perplexed about JA not being able to utilize OMA for Medjugorje tourists. As you probably know most of these people are today arriving either via SPU or Dubrovnik. Perhaps the next boeing is to be utilized for charter flights? This could make sense as poles probably make 50% of tourists arriving to Medjugorje. Notice also that they've actually put picture of Medjugorje on BH airlines site.


    Why would they like to take over Zagreb route? They are already code-sharing this with OU?

    Also starting direct flights between TZL and BGD/ZAG doesnt make SJJ. JA don't wont to act as feeder airline to somebody else (expect for TK as they are owned by them). It would actually make more sense for JAT or OU to create these connections themselves.

    Btw just some brainstorming wouldn't flight originating either at OMO or TZL and going either over OMO or TZL to IST make sense? Might even work as weekly domestic line?


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