Breaking news: Jat to order 5 Boeings

Jat Airways is prepared to order 5 Boeing aircraft next week. As a result, the aircraft manufacturer Boeing will send a delegation to Belgrade next week. More news tomorrow.


  1. opaaa....5 boeing models for the check in desks?

    But who knows. I'll follow this anyway, even though Jat has repeated this over the last 10 years. Maybe this time will be different...cross yo fingers everyone.

  2. JATBEGMEL17:50

    i think the bigger surprise will be when the aircraft do land at Nikola Tesla Airport and begin flying with JAT! i just hope this wont turn out like the A319, B767-200, B737-700...

  3. Anonymous20:16

    Hope they have enough brains to order one or two 787's (and lease 767's until they get them). The "security" barriers to operating flights to the U.S. would magically disappear...

  4. @ Anonymous

    Maybe they should order A350XWB (and lease A330's until they get them) and go through with the acquisition of A319's that the deposit has been paid for. But there's still a question where they are going to get passengers.

  5. I would love for jat to go long haul again, but im not sure if the management is willing to sacrifice the extra money for the benefit of the greater diaspora of the americas. but we'll have to wait and see. if they do, then that just might enable me to afford to see my homeland some summer in the future or something. And it would affect thousands of different people in the same way. someone needs to compete with LH and Star Alliance to drive down the transatlantic prices.

  6. frequentflyer07:56

    How many more ex-SkyEurope 737s are there that Boeing would like leased out (a la Aerolineas Argentinas) for a mixed some new now/some new later order? That might give some indication as to how many frames will be built new...

  7. peter from syd13:34

    @ frequentflyer, why go with a brnd new fleet. i mean, jat isnt exactly rolling i cash, why not get used aircraft, that are only a couple of years old?

  8. JATBEGMEL12:22

    I dont find that JAT can support long haul flights in its current situation. i think a wise idea maybe for them is to aquire a mixture of Boeing 737-600 and Boeing 737-700, reopen their ME destinations (Damascus, Beirut, Kuwait, Tehran, Cairo) and work on making BEG a connecting destination onto flights to Germany, France, BENELUX and Scandinavia. Another wise move i would suggest is for them to acquire a couple Tu 204-300's, which are roughly 160 seaters, capable of doing direct Belgrade-Dubai/Abu Dhabi flights (which might i add do fill), maybe via Tripoli to Johanesburg (strengthen passenger numbers on the BEG-TIP route and offer direct flights for our diaspora), via Dublin to Toronto (a couple times a week with code shares with Air Canada to US cities until Serbia is granted FAA CAT I). Lets not mention more ATR's (both 42's and 72's) and add more frequencies bound for Sarajevo, Skopje, Banja Luka, Ohrid, Pula, Ljubljana, Thessaloniki, and reopen Tirana, Sofia, Timisaoara and Bucharest. And ticket prices would need to drop abit for people to travel with them, i mean average monthly wage is some 400 euros a month and airfares with them around the Balkans is some 200 euros!

    malisani / for JAT, airbus aircraft isnt a very wise move since JAT tehnika mechanics are very well trained on Boeing aircraft and have, from what i understand a nice stock of spare parts for boeing aircraft. to continue, the staff are very familiar with boeing aircraft (737), therefore training crew for new generation Boeing aircraft (737) would be quick. having said that, it was airbus who gave JAT a very bad deal to JAT for those 8 A319's, which might i add was sold to JAT when Yugoslavia was under sanctions.

    peter from syd / i agree. 5 year old B737-700's would imo be better than 20 year old B733's, less maintenance, better fuel efficiency to start.

    veliki puzic / long haul flights make big losses for months until profit can be generated from them, which i dont think JAT can afford at the moment. diasporra flying economy class isnt going to make airfares cheaper to Belgrade from say New York because it flies direct. JAT will need to attract cargo and business class passengers to bring in better profitability. Airlines need to compete with JAT too to bring prices down. JAT doesnt exactly have attractive airfares.

  9. frequentflyer13:41

    @ peter from syd

    Look at the benefit JAT had of going with a new fleet back in the 80s. It has lasted them 25 years so far (and we're counting...).

    Aerolineas Argentinas were in a similar dire situation, and they have solved their desperate need for new planes (replacing clapped-out 732s) by a mixed order of new and near-new planes (the near-new were taken back from SkyEurope leasers), providing some planes immediately, and a few new ones off the production line over a 12-months period.

    I see this being the best solution for JAT, and it both provides instant new craft to go into service, and saves money than ordering new planes outright and waiting however long it takes to have a new 737 (or equivalent) into service.

    @ anonymous

    787s/A350s etc are going to be a waste of time/effort/money for an airline that can't get its short-haul market in order first...

  10. "New breaking news: Jat say they are not ordering new Boeings!"

  11. I don't really know much about how the airline business works, so I'm kind of talking out of the blue here.

    Would it be possible for JAT to fly Belgrade-New York-Vancouver and sell tickets separately for the New York-Vancouver leg? Cathay Pacific does this with Hong Kong-Vancouver-New York. Their vancouver-New York tickets are very reasonably priced and often sold out.

    If this would be possible due to regulations, I think it could work. There are a lot of Serbs in Vancouver who might go for this flight if it were reasonably priced and a lot of non-serbs would fly to new york

  12. doot,

    All depend on what agreement Jat has with the USA. at the moment Jat is has no right to fly anything to the US (unless this have changed)

    If Jat starts flying to NY then they will receive what is called third and fourth freedom rights. This allows them to carry passengers and cargo to and from the two countries, Serbia and the USA.

    What you are asking about is known as the fifth freedom rights. This will allow Jat to do what your suggesting but is only usually given if both countries could benefit.

  13. JATBEGMEL17:19

    @ doot

    i dont think JAT should do such a route. I think opening direct Belgrade-Toronto flights followed by a codeshare with Air Canada to Vancouver would be enough. Serbia is currently in the US FAA Category 2 which bans Serbian registered aircraft flying to the United States. Serbia has unsuccessfully tried to get into the FAA Category 1 which enables Serbian registered aircraft to fly to the US. Also, I dont think JAT would return to many of its intercontinental destinations in the near future.


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