Montenegro reports good results

More passengers in Montenegro Airlines cabins
In the first 8 months of the year Montenegro Airlines carried 370.000 passengers. The airline’s management is optimistic that the Montenegrin carrier will be able to carry a total of 520.000 passengers by the end of the year and thus manage to transport 25.000 passengers more than last year. The airline’s most successful service this year, which is recording remarkable growth, is Belgrade. The airline has reported solid results for services to Moscow and St. Petersburg followed by Paris, Zurich, Ljubljana, London, Rome, Frankfurt, Niš and Skopje. Flights to Russia saw the greatest frequency increase this year when compared to last, with the cabin occupancy index amounting to 88% on these routes. Some 70.000 tourists flew with Montenegro Airlines from Russia to Tivat and Podgorica. This is despite the fact that Montenegro is recoding a decline in tourist numbers this summer.

Montenegro Airlines will soon unveil plans on the launch of its VIP airline called Montenegro Business. The new airline will be used exclusively for VIP passengers and will be a joint venture with Montenegro’s First Bank. The airline will join the Association of European Airlines this October when all members of the association meet in Croatia. Montenegro Airlines will become the 4th airline operating in the EX-YU region to become part of the organisation after Croatia Airlines, Adria Airways and Jat Airways.


  1. Montenegro Airlines is doing good!

    After the day before yesterday's article about airline companies advertising on their liveries, I've just noticed that Montenegro Airlines also advertises in the cabin (T-Mobile and some hotels) which is a very good idea. I've seen Jat Airways also advertising in the cabin with some Serbian telephone network company and B&H Airlines with BH Telecom.

  2. JATBEGMEL19:33

    I think Montenegro Airlines should grow more first before introducing a "VIP airline". i like seeing their ERJ's here in Belgrade, nice aircraft in a nice livery :) they have better fares on the Montenegro-Belgrade flights compared to JAT, so i can imagine that helps fill their flights.


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