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Pula Airport terminal, passenger decline in August 2009
Croatian airports reported similar results in August 2009 as they did in July. Some airports have managed to improve passenger figures when compared to last year but the country’s main airport Zagreb and Pula’s airport continue to slide.

In August 2009 Zagreb saw a total of 220.872 passengers, a 3.2% decline compared to last year. Aircraft movement also declined by a large 14.3% while the number of transit passengers declined by almost 50%. The worst performing airport in the country in August when compared to last year was Pula. The airport, which did exceptionally well last year, this August saw a 13.9% passenger decrease. This is despite the fact that aircraft movement, meaning the amount of aircraft landing and departing, declined by only 0.6% indicating that there was less interest for Pula this summer. The third Croatian airport reporting minus figures is Split. With 214.206 passengers in August 2009 compared to 232.592 in August 2008, the airport saw a 7.9% passenger decline.

For a second month in a row Osijek Airport is reporting the greatest growth compared to last year, although it should be noted that its passenger movement figures are quite low, thus producing a greater percentage increase. With 4.925 passengers, numbers in August this year improved by 64.4% when compared to last. Zadar can thank Ryan Air for he fact that it aircraft movement figures improved by 101% compared to August 2008. Logically its passenger figures also improved, by a total of 40%. Despite the fact that aircraft movement has declined, Dubrovnik Airport managed to post mild growth with 216.480 passengers in August 2009 compared to 211.057 in August 2008, an increase of 2.6%. Passenger movement at Rijeka Airport grew insignificantly, by half a precent while aircraft movement increased by nearly 20% indicating that there is less interest in Rjeka despite the fact that more aircraft are landing and departing.

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