Niš reports passenger decline

Niš Constantine the Great Airport, passenger terminal
Serbia’s second international airport, Niš Constantine the Great, is reporting a slump in passenger figures despite the fact that the number of flights has stayed the same this summer when compared to last. By late July the airport had handled 9.200 passengers, which is less compared to the same period last year. Serbia’s Jat Airways has transported 78% of these passengers or some 7.000 on its service from Niš to Zurich which operates 2 times per week throughout the year. Montenegro Airlines, which began services to Niš on June 19, had until the end of July carried 1.000 passengers. The national Montenegrin carrier operates 2 flights per week from Tivat to Serbia’s third largest city. Recent newcomer Atlasjet had carried some 1.000 passengers from Niš to Antalya within a scope of a month. The airline operates flights once every 10 days.

Compared to last year the airport has the same number of services. Last year, however Jat operated charter services from Niš to Heraklion while Atalsjet did not operate flights. The airport’s management now hopes that its future lies in cargo operations. The Austrian company “Eyemaxx Real Estate” together with ’’Chayton Capital UK’’ fund has initiated the development of one of the greatest projects in the region. Having envisaged a long-term vision of investment into the airport complex and the very city of Niš. The cargo center complex will be built on 260.000 square meters of land next to the airport. After some bureaucratic obstacles the project has finally been given approval from the government and city authorities. The completion of the project is set not only to bring new business to Niš Airport but also wake up the city economically.


  1. ANONYMOUS03:53

    Must have been a slow news day. Nis is a complete white elephant, with only a handful of flights of week - so who cares if there's a drop when you're only catering to 20,000 - 30,000 pax per year.

    When they can get over 250,000pax/year, that's worth an item in the news...but not even Wizz want to fly there.

  2. JATBEGMEL19:19

    why would low cost carriers fly to Serbia when our biggest problem is the visa issue? it can take months to get a schengen visa, not to mention the hassle on getting one, the lines in the embassies, the questions...once Serbian passports come onto the white schengen list than i can see an increase in demand for low cost carriers. that and the fact that Belgrade isnt too far from Nis, where there are more flights, for sure cheaper, Pristina too is close, also with a nice variety of flights, not to mention Sofia....

  3. Wizz Air wants to fly even from Belgrade. The problem is as a previous reader said, the visa regime towards Serbia. Fortunately, visas from 1 January are not required anymore so large number of low coast and other careers announced the arrival on Nis International Airport. I flew in August the route from Madrid to Zurich and then Zurich to Nis, and sincerely hope that I will also come home for Christmas like that. To be honest I don't mind Jat canceled their flights, I read 2day that Montenegro airlines gonna take that route. So.. I am still happy. :)


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