UPDATED: Successful loss

Jat’s flight academy to be separated from the airline
Serbia’s Jat Airways has posted a half yearly loss of 14.9 million Euros. Despite being a significant figure, the results are better than expected and the year end loss is expected to total 21 million Euros, rather than the 25 million initially expected. Jat’s management believes that the airline will post a profit by the end of 2010. In order for the profit to be achieved the airline’s new business strategy suggests that 550 employees must leave the airline, which would leave approximately 950 people employed by Jat. 800 is the optimal amount of people needed to work for the airline, according to the managment. The strategy also suggests that Jat’s distinguished flight academy in Vršac, Jat’s agricultural aviation sector and the airline’s medicinal aviation sector should be separated from the airline itself. This news has not been welcomed by pilots.

Jat’s CEO, Srđan Radovanović has announced that Jat will be investing significant means into a new marketing campaign which will be unveiled to the public at the end of the year. He also said that he will “think about” the airline’s rebranding which was suggested by Jat’s now disgraced former CEO, Saša Vlaisavljević.


Jat’s technical division, Jat Tehnika, has gone on strike. The strike began at 15.00 (3pm) but all Jat flights departing this afternoon and evening have received a technical safety clearance, meaning that no flights will be affected today. For full news regarding his issue, visit the blog tomorrow.


  1. I don't understand this - isn't it much better for JAT to have its own flight academy? And is the flight academy really making that big losses? If it is, how could it operate without JAT?
    I understand the need for decentralisation of the companies, but could they be created as parts of the greater holding company under the JAT?
    To me, this looks like as if they want to take away everything from JAT, and therefore sell it separately to private sector, since they probably think that it is the way they can get more money from the privatisation.
    Also, I understand that JAT is owning some money to the JAT technique?
    It's all insane.

  2. Miloše, Jat ne duguje samo novac Jat Tehnici ali i Jat Katering! Ovo je jako loše :(

  3. Nemanja17:09

    Although disgraced Jat's previous ceo was much better than Radanovic. Vlasavljevic's plans involved a fleet renewal and rebranding, this would have made it possible for Jat to gain access to new planes(still not imposible) and become a dominant carier in the exyu region all Radanovic can think about is buisness strategies. Besides what is somone whohas never worked in the aviation world doing at Jat.

  4. ANONYMOUS18:21

    Very few airlines in the world still have their own pilot academy: KLM, Lufthansa and Delta are about the only airlines who have them. Most pilot academies are seperate from airlines and there's no need whatsoever for Jat to have it's own.

    As for privatization prospects - that's such a remote possibility, it's untrue. If they manage to avoid going into liquidation, or formal "restructuring", that would be a miracle.

  5. ANONYMOUS23:46

    Regarding the news about Jat Tehnika - all Jat flights from 18:00 local time onwards have been cancelled, starting with Monastir...

    This might just be the beginning of the end of Jat...


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