Trebinje to rival Tivat and Dubrovnik

Trebinje, Bosnia and Herzegovina
The construction of an airport in Trebinje, a city in Southern Bosnia and Herzegovina, has received support from the government of Republika Srpska, the entity within which it is located. The project has just received another major boost. The Austrian based consulting firm “Airport Consulting Vienna” has carried out a feasibility study regarding the economic viability of an airport being built so close to Dubrovnik Airport in Croatia and Tivat Airport in Montenegro. The results of the study show that Trebinje could become a major rival to the other two well established airports. The report states that Trebinje should strive to attract low cost carriers. The report also states that while the airport might not be able to turn a profit in the first few years of operation it could become an extremely competitive airport within Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Trebinje Airport’s 2.6 kilometre long runway should be complete by the end of 2010. The cost of the project amounts to 200 million Euros. The project has until now been delayed numerous times. Due to its natural beauty, Trebinje could attract sizeable amounts of tourists. Bosnia and Herzegovina currently has a total of 4 international airports – Sarajevo, Mostar, Tuzla and Banja Luka.


  1. I personally think that this airport will not work. Bosnia and Herzegovina is building too many airports than it should have. This current amount of airports (4) is fine. Most of the airports within the country are already struggling to attract carriers. Tourists can use Mostar Airport to get to Trebinje and surrounding areas.

  2. JATBEGMEL11:01

    @ bosnian

    I too think that doing up Trebinje Airport is a waste of money. Banja Luka Airport isnt seeing many flights, lets not talk about Mostar and Tuzla. And i doubt that Trebinje could compete well with Dubrovnik and Tivat. Dubrovnik already is served by low cost airlines anyway and is a much more known city than Tivat and Trebinje put together and multiplied by 2.

    pozzzz i sre4an bajram svima :)


    Hvala puno!

    I forgot too, Sretan Bajram svima, puno srece i zdravlja :)

  4. Anonymous13:15

    Main idea behind the Trebinje Airport is to substitute Dubrovnik and Tivat airports. Both airports have problems with expansion and with neighbouring hotels. There is no space for building new airports in the area and five star hotels in Budva and Dubrovnik have big problem with noise level. In other hand this is a big investment for small country.

  5. Anonymous17:25

    I think that the viability work was done by an Austrian company about 3 years ago. I wonder if this latest spurt of publicity is someone trying to get funding for a project that has been sitting around and and they think that they might get some commission from any investment. I don't know the area too well but I would have thought that it is not an ideal location due to the mountains and possible flight path interference with Dubrovnik and Tivat. Any chance of someone starting the rumour machine again for Ploce airport development.

  6. JATBEGMEL18:52

    @ bosnian

    nema na 4emu :)

    @ anonymous

    isnt there expansion works being done to DBV, with works on increasing the capacity at its terminal? also, isnt there plans on constructng a new runway in DBV? I know TIV isnt in much of a position to upsize, ive always thought that to some extent DBV is.

  7. Re' Dubrovnik construction,

    The new terminal is well on it way to be complete and has a planned open date of 2011. I was there in June and to me it looked like it would be finished sooner.

    As for the runway, the plan is to construct it right next to the old then turn the existing runway into a taxiway. Although runways at Dubrovnik, Zagreb and Pula are long the problem is there width. Their have been previous problems with both Zagreb and Dubrovnik where 747's landing at these airports has caused damage to the runway edge lighting. I also think the runway pressure gradient (the amount of weight per square inch)the runway at Dubrovnik can take, is also not efficient for a heavy 747 type aircraft.

  8. frequentflyer10:24

    This project just won't happen. Hate to become so cynical of late, but Bosnia really needs another 'white elephant' infrastructure project to eat up its borrowed funds with this project...


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