Dubrovnik Airline fleet expansion

Dubrovnik Airline poised for fleet expansion
The charter Croatian airline, Dubrovnik Airline, will finish the year with a profit despite the global financial crisis and the problems Dubrovnik Airline faced during the year. The start of the summer season was dramatic for the airline. It had to cancel many of its charter operations and was facing the prospects of a potentially disastrous summer holiday season. However, by rationalising costs and introducing cost cutting measures the charter airline will end the year in the green and will begin a fleet renewal programme. Dubrovnik Airline currently operates 3 MD82s and 2 MD83s. A deal for the lease of a further 2 aircraft has been signed and the aircraft will join the airline’s fleet during the winter season. The two aircraft, whose type is yet to be named, will be with Dubrovnik Airline for 18 months.

Despite its profits Dubrovnik Airline will send 4 cabin crew teams on 6 month paid leave due to the heavily reduced operations the airline will have this winter when compared to last. However, the cabin crew have not lost their jobs as they will return to work on April 1, 2010.


  1. It will be interesting to see what these two planes will be and although I would love to see the 737 back on the Croatian register, you can guess it will be an A320 family aircraft.

    I believe they had plans to renewal there fleet sooner as they are having many delayed and cancelled flights because of reliability issues with the MD80's, but put those plans on hold when the WFC occurred.

    Dubrovnik Airlines could be a future major player in the region. They have had there expansion plans checked and prevented a few times by the Croatian government and are owned by one of the largest and most profitable Croatian companies Atlantska Plovidba

  2. JATBEGMEL17:07

    i wish Dubrovnik Airline much success. Would love for them to come to BEG on a regular basis rather than odd charters :-)

    @ Q400

    I too see that the A320 family would come for 2D rather than the B737 family.


    Depends on what Dubrovnik Airlines requirements are. There are plenty of NG 737 available for lease at the moment.

    If it is the A320 family, it might be the A321. I believe this was the aircraft they were considering before.


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