EBRD approves Sarajevo loan

Sarajevo Airport to expand
The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) has approved of a 25 million Euro loan for construction and upgrade at Sarajevo International Airport. The loan will finance an extension of the passenger terminal, together with the upgrade and expansion of the taxiways and apron. The project, when complete, will meet the growing passenger traffic at the airport. The EBRD has a long-standing relationship with Sarajevo Airport and has contributed to the creation of Sarajevo Airport as a limited liability company owned by the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. As part of the current project, the bank will support measures that increase the participation of the private sector in the airport’s operations through the outsourcing of selected activities to private companies. In addition, the bank will assist the airport in increasing the share of non-aviation revenue such as duty free areas, catering, business lounges and car parks. Finally, the project will include support for the European Union’s Open Skies policy. The current terminal at Sarajevo has an annual capacity of 800.000. The project should commence once all documentation is finalised and all bureaucratic difficulties are overcome.

Meanwhile, passengers heading to Sarajevo Airport will finally be able to do so from the city by bus. Sarajevo is one of the rare European capital cities not to have a bus service to the airport. Until now passengers either had to use excessively over priced taxis or find alternative transportation to the city centre. A train terminal is located some 6 kilometres from the airport. Bus services from the city to the airport should commence soon.


  1. Even though the terminal is not used to maximum capacity and is still looking great from the outside, the airport is anyway needing upgrades as there are more passengers every year.

    I wonder what airports will become alternative ones during the runway works. Banja Luka or Mostar? Both?

    @ ex yu aviation

    Will the expansion of the terminal include more gates (air bridges), shopping areas and a bigger lounge?

    .....and when will this project commence and finalise?

  2. HARIS-DK15:38

    There is no information if there will be more air bridges but i hope for 1 or two more. I think that the old terminal will be rebuilt and connected with the new terminal.

    There will be built a big centar next to the airport called "Sarajevo Airport Centar" the project will start this year and end in 2011.

    Gras and Centrotrans will start bus lines from the city centar to the airport.

  3. JATBEGMEL17:20

    @ Bosnian

    I dont think there would be a need for the usage of alternative airports during the runway works. BEG did their upgrades during the night when the least amount of disruption to flights would happen, so im sure this will happen in SJJ too.

  4. Zrak17:49


    What do you mean with airport getting more passangers every year? Increase between 2007 and 2008 is less than 1%. This year airport is expecting drop in traffic :( Also in the years before airport was only experiencing modest increases in passengers.

    Both OMO and TZL makes sense but Banja Luka is too far away. Mind that TZL was used last time there was work on runways.

    Anyways in the article there is no mention of work on runway only of work on terminal building.

    Problem with taxis is that Airport authorities only allow Sarajevo Taxi at the terminal gates which will try to rip off passengers as much possible (charging in € instead of BAM, not putting taximeters on and so on). First thing is that the airport authorities should be forced to allow all taxis to access terminal buildings which would decrease Sarajevo Taxis ability to overcharge passengers.

    Hopefully buss connection will decrease abuse of passangers at the hands of Sarajevo Taxi

  5. It would be good if the old terminal be used as an aviation museum, just like Belgrade has one!

    @ HARIS-DK

    A Sarajevo Airport Centar? WOW! Any more details about that?

    @ Zrak

    It's a shame that the airport might report losses this year due to the financial crisis, but note that even if there is one more passenger using the airport every year, that's an increase (well in this '1' example it's not a big increase).

  6. HARIS-DK14:30


    The "Sarajevo Airport Centar" will be a centar like "BBI Centar" on carsija. There will be shops, companys and i also think a hotel.

    Imam i slike kako ce se graditi.

    Ja sam ti onaj "Admin" od prije.

    I izvinjavam sto nisam ti poslao mail kako je bilo u BH Airlinesu 737-400.

    Daj mi mail da ti posalje kako je bilo i slike od projekta.

    Napravicu web stranicu o "BH Aviation" gje ce biti sve novosti, timbetables, forum i jos mnogo.

    Pa hocesli da pises kod mene post jer mi engleski nije bas perfektno kao tvoje...

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