Montenegro eyes Macedonia

Flying towards Macedonia
Recently Adria, Jat and Turkish Airlines have all been speculated to have an intention of setting up future flag carriers in Macedonia. The latest addition to this list is Montenegro Airlines.

Montenegro Airlines has sent in an offer to the Macedonian government for the creation of a joint new national carrier. The Macedonian government has not responded to Montenegro Airlines’ request but the Macedonian Civil Aviation Directorate (ACV) has said that Montenegro Airlines could set up services from Skopje as the two countries have a bilateral aviation agreement. The director of the ACV says that Montenegro Airlines could cover the market with 2 aircraft, but adds that the Macedonian government is not in favour of setting up a national flag carrier after the demise of MAT Macedonian Airlines which on September 1 lost its Air Operator Certificate (AOC).

It has been confirmed that Turkish Airlines is no longer interested in setting up an airline in Macedonia, although a Turkish company is hoping to set up Laluna Airlines. Monte Air which would be partly operated by Dubrovnik Airline is also planned, while Jat Airways plans to activate Aeromak, 11 years after it was registered.

Montenegro Airlines recently launched flights from Podgorica to Skopje.


  1. JATBEGMEL09:15

    i wonder who is next...B&H Airlines? TAROM? wait, i know, its Bulgaria Air...

  2. Anonymous11:46

    no, it's ryanair macedonia, albert.

  3. Anonymous13:50


    Amazing, if they make another deal like they did with the corrupt Belgrade airport authorities then they might be succesful!
    Seriously this airlines like their management and their whole nation is a joke! ;)

  4. ANONYMOUS15:05

    This is like the blind leading the blind - A note to Montenegro, Jat, Adria, Croatia Airlines, etc - Look after your own dieing businesses first before you start to look elsewhere as you're not likely to still exist in 5 years time.


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