Montenegro turns 15

Early years, Montenegro Airlines' Fokker 28Mk 4000
Montenegro’s national carrier has celebrated 15 years of existence over the weekend.

Montenegro Airlines was registered on October 24, 1994. The airline’s founder and CEO Zoran Djurišić presented the airline’s plans to the government of Montenegro and Yugoslavia in 1993. However, it wouldn’t be until 1996 that the airline’s first aircraft would be purchased. Due to political and economic circumstances at the time, Montenegro Airlines took off to the sky on May 7, 1997 on route from Podgoica to Bari in Italy. The aircraft in question was a Fokker 28Mk 4000 and the second aircraft of this type was received the following year in 1998. In late 1999, Montenegro Airlines launched new flights, most notably to Frankfurt. The first Fokker F100, the airline’s signature aircraft, was purchased in 2000. In 2007, the airline purchased new Embraer jets in another wave of fleet modernisation.

Today, the airline is a member of IATA and soon to become the newest member of the Association of European Airlines. Despite a difficult year for the aviation industry, Montenegro Airlines is not reporting strong growth but has evaded any losses, passenger wise. The airline’s CEO, although a very controversial figure, announced on Saturday that Montenegro Airlines is the pride of Montenegro.

On Friday, the airline received permits to begin services from Niš, in Serbia, to Podgorica and Zurich. Serbia is Montenegro Airlines’ largest and most important market.


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  2. Nemanja15:37

    Congratulations to Montenegro Airlines. When are they expected to begin flights out of Nis.

  3. Anonymous17:49

    I've found some info that Montenegro Airlines is starting flights from Nis December 14th to Zurich and December 15th to Podgorica. Also, Swedish airline MCA Airlines is starting flight to Stockholm December 14th. Fingers crossed and lets hope better days are there to come for City of Nis and Nis Airport.

    And of course, congrats to Montenegro Airlines - happy bday!!!

  4. Happy Birthday to Montenegro Airlines :)

    Hope they can start flights to Sarajevo soon with reasonable prices!


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