Montenegro wants Niš

New market needed
After Jat Airways ceased operations from Serbia’s third largest city, Niš, Montenegro Airlines has declared its wish to begin services from Niš to Zurich and other European capitals. A delegation from Montenegro Airlines made their desire known to the Serbian ministry of infrastructure after a meeting between the two sides was held on Friday. However, in order for Montenegro Airlines to fly from Niš it would have to gain fifth freedom rights as it is operating from a country other than its own to another foreign country. This would also open the door for Montenegro Airlines to operate from Belgrade, something the Montenegrin carrier has been yearning for since 2006. Montenegro Airlines which operated flights from Belgrade to other European cities, lost its rights in 2006 after the dissolution of the state union of Serbia and Montenegro. Similarly, Jat was forced to cease operations from Podgorica and Tivat to London, Copenhagen and St. Petersburg.

Meanwhile, the Swedish low cost airline MCA and the Italian Windjet have announced plans to fly to Niš. MCA is willing to operate flights from Stockholm via another European city and Windjet from Bologna.


  1. What are the airport fees like in Niš?

  2. Anonymous15:47

    Nis To Bologna... give me a break. Don't think it will work!

  3. JATBEGMEL16:35

    Apparently the former BEG-ZRH and INI-ZRH flights for YM were amongst the most profitable for the airline. Blic is reporting that YM will get the rights to fly from Serbia to EU countries.

    @ Bosnian

    apparently INI isnt too bad with their airport fees.

  4. frequentflyer01:10

    @ Bosnian

    The fees are sadly irrelevant if they don't get bums on seats and fill the planes from INI... That's been the biggest problem all along.

    The solution is well-timed shuttles (using ATRs) connecting with the waves of flights at BEG. JU is the airline best situated to run this.


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