easyJet to Priština

Soon in Priština
After Air Berlin created a new base at Priština Airport, the low cost easyJet has requested a license from authorities. From June 19, 2010, easyJet is initially expected to operate 2 weekly services from Geneva, with the option to expand its Priština network further in the future. In markets where easyJet operates, its strategy has been to offer low prices. In the first three quarters of this year, easyJet had an income of 2.6 billion British Pounds and 45.2 million passengers.

easyJet currently has regular flights to some 100 cities in 27 European countries. Following Air Berlin, which began flights to Priština from Swiss and German cities in November, easyJet will be the second major European air carrier to enter the market. However, easyJet will first have to wait for approval before tickets can go on sale.

As a result of the increased number of airlines operating flights to Priština, the airport is one of the rare in the region posting strong passenger growth this year.


  1. JATBEGMEL09:21

    është shumë mirë per PRN!!! :)

    With Air Berlin, Belle Air, Germanwings, plans for easyJet and Tafa Air to open flights in PRN, seems like one attractive airport for low cost airlines. Actually, doesnt that make PRN the biggest airport in terms of low cost airline traffic in the former Yugoslavia?

  2. why PRN? it's not that they have visa-free travel. why then? why don't they start flying to BEG? it's way larger market than PRN.

  3. JATBEGMEL10:14

    @ Nikola

    Albania has a low cost airline (Belle Air) and they dont have white schengen...just yet. To add to that, another Albanian low cost airline is set to commence flights as of the 1st of december. Slovenia, who are in the EU and the schengen zone only have easyJet flights to London Stansted.

  4. From which authorities is the airline asking a lisence from? Belgrade, Pristina or the UN?

  5. @Nikola: PRN might be interesting because there are a lot of EU/UN personnel and soldiers stationed there. Also, PRN allows these airlines to land for free and pay no handling fees.

  6. Anonymous16:44

    Yes, well done PRN, but what is the problem or where is the problem with another airports and LCC - why not Belgrade, Sarajevo, Banja Luka, Mostar, Nis???????? WHY??????

    What is the recepy?


  7. Anonymous20:18

    The key is that there is no monopoly to protect

  8. Is this the first non-EU (ex-TLV) destinations EZY flies to? Do you think Macedonians would travel to PRN to board a EZY flight to visit their relatives in Switzerland?

  9. JATBEGMEL08:59

    @ Bosnian

    they get the licences from the Sejdiu government

    @ anonymous

    low cost airlines have avoided Serbia, BiH and Macedonia because of landing fees in local airports and the fact that its residents had to pull out schengen visas, which was a process that put many many people off from traveling.

    @ anonymous

    that true, since JAT was forced to pull out from PRN and since Kosova Airlines gave back their aircraft to Hamburg International.

    @ uny

    Macedonians dont go into some areas of their own country where the majority is albanians let alone travel to Pristina. Going to Pristina is a 3 hour trip and additional costs.

  10. Anonymous17:50

    @ uny

    EZY flies to Croatia, Turkey, Israel, Egypt & Morocco, countries that are not EU members.

  11. Anonymous13:24

    Dont forget the fact that are around 700.000 kosovars living around the europe
    Prishtina airport have 1 milion passengers per year, and have the best airport in the region

    What you expecting serbs to visit a family every year come on they don't care for no-one

  12. Anonymous10:02

    PRN is a much better market for low cost companies than BEG, even given the highest imaginable cost.

    Unlike what your government's PR agencies have been telling you to make you feel better, one of the main criteria for developing the low cost market is the ethnic travel, i.e. diaspora. The 'white schengen' will only boost the traffic by an additional cca 15-20%, while the main traffic comes from abroad, from the pax who actually have money and are willing to travel on regular basis.

    In addition, PRN clearly had insufficient capacity for that kind of travelling propensity.

    I think this is where SKP's chances to act as a secondary airport for the Albanians slowly wither away. On the other hand, I'm quite certain Macedonians will not use PRN - only Albanians coming from Macedonia, living in its western part.

  13. Anonymous00:17

    SOUR GRAPES from all the non albanians!! It makes me laugh with all the somments that i read. It is prishtina that easy jet chose and i am sure that the healthy increase in passanger numbers has to do with it oh and they all love albanian who wouldn't. PEACE


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