Jat reveals fleet plans

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Jat Airways’ CEO, Srdjan Radovanvić has revealed information regarding the airline’s short term fleet plans. Currently, 4 aircraft (all Boeing B737-300s) are leased to other airlines, in Africa, one is stored in Belgrade while the aircraft involved in a runway incident at Istanbul Ataturk Airport has been repaired and returned to the fleet. Radovanović says that all 4 aircraft that are currently leased will be returned to Jat by the start of the 2010 summer season, in late March. Radovanović states that Jat’s sole Boeing B737-400, which the airline is leasing, will be returned to its original owner in early 2010 as the lease will expire, nevertheless the airline plans to immediately lease another B737-400, as a substitute.

Radovanović confirmed that the lease of a Boeing B737-700 is on track and the aircraft is expected to enter the fleet in March 2010. The airline has tried to negotiate with Airbus and turn its 1998 order for 8 Airbus A319s into an ATR order. However, Airbus is not keen on the idea but will allow Jat to purchase 1 Airbus aircraft for the 23 million Euro deposit Jat has given for the entire order.

Radovanović also announced that Serbia’s national carrier is negotiating with the Macedonian government in order for it to receive all necessary licenses to commence flights from Skopje to other European cities by late March.


  1. Anonymous10:53

    Ah yes, that is exactly what jat needs, an airbus model!
    Once they receive they should lease it to someone, like that they can get quite a high lease since it's a brand new airplane!

  2. Very smart by Airbus!

    Jat is not an airline who would want to operate a fleet of 1 A319 and x number of NG 737. Airbus know this and I guess is their strategy to make Jat an Airbus airline.

  3. frequentflyer12:29

    Given that is is impossible to purchase a whole 319 for only 23m euro (true price $50-60m USD), this could be sale of the century.

    Ideally, OU or JP could offer to take it off JUs hands in such a deal that is cheap and benefitial to both parties, but there's only one place it can go and be a sole aircraft in the fleet...

    It's for SkySrpska.

  4. Anonymous13:49

    One question before I make a comment on the article - how come the number of taxis was left out of the "fleet renewal plan". I would imagine that they would be the backbone of the airline.

    Jokes aside, this one Airbus thing is odd. First off, I can't see one Airbus costing that little. Second, can it be resold? I prefer Airbus, but having one in your fleet doesn't make sense. I can see the logic behind Airbus' thinking - make them buy more airplanes as it doesn't make sense to operate just one...but Jat is clearly not going for it.

    In any case, Jat knows that it is all but done, and it seems to be putting up a fight, which is making this whole story very interesting.

    P.S. A message to Serbian gov't - Don't send Velja Ilic to Airbus to negotiate with them again!

  5. Nemanja18:48

    What Jat really need are regional jets from either Bombardier of Sukhoi (not Embraer) a couple(3-5) boing NG or Airbus aircraft would be alright

  6. Any news on EK and BEG? Didn't you say "next week" ud report about that two weeks ago? I'm not criticizing u, im really happy for the news about jat and what not, I jus get hyper to kno if EK is gona go to BEG. I really think they should, nije losa ideja bre

  7. ^ There was a report regarding the visit of the UAE delegation to Serbia. There hasn’t been any news about EK commencing services to BEG because that isn’t so close to reality and you will see why this Saturday or Sunday on the blog (there is some exclusive news coming up). Keep visiting :)

  8. Anonymous00:47

    Well, it is not that expensive anymore to purchase new aircrafts. I do not know why Jat/government of Serbia is waiting for any longer. Buy or lease new aircrafts now or shut down the airline and create a new one for ex. despotovac airlines or surdulica aviaion, south serbia airlines:)

  9. JATBEGMEL11:15

    @ Q400

    2 words - Daleko bilo. If Airbus is trying to entice JAT to become an Airbus airline, than Airbus shouldnt have highly overcharged JAT on a dodgey agreement for 8 A319 aircraft made during the time Yugoslavia was in sanctions.


    We always mention A319's here, but maybe airbus could push the A318, which isnt selling too well ;) Intresting words on OU and JP i must say. As for SkySrpska...hahaha good one :p

    @ anonymous

    lol bout the taxis. A conversation from Velja to Airbus would be in an intoxicated state from the rakija service he had on the JAT flight and would sound something like "daj pare ili zhivot majku ti je**m, pushi k***c majmune" hahaha.

    @ veliki puzic

    EK will come to BEG...malo sutra. EK dont even have an office in Belgrade and now there is talks of flights to BEG? For EK to work here, they need 5th freedom from BEG and have flights from DXB via BEG to N. America where they could do the best. Having said that, EK do their ultra longhauls non stop, stopping in BEG wouldnt do them much good as that looses them at least an hour in travel time. EK doesnt really need JAT for Euro connections as EK have a nice variety of Euro destinations anyway and serve many cities which JAT dont. I see either flyDubai flying to BEG or a new agreement between EK and JAT.


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