Montenegro delays Niš launch

The waiting game ... Montenegro Airlines
Montenegro Airlines has delayed the launch of its flights from Podgorica to Niš and from Niš to Zurich by over a month. As reported earlier, Montenegro Airlines was to originally launch flights from Podgorica on November 13 and flights to Zurich, from Niš, on November 14. The flights are now scheduled to be launched on December 17 and 18 respectively. The CEO of Niš Constantine the Great Airport has said that the flights have been delayed as Montenegro Airlines is yet to obtain necessary licenses from the Swiss authorities. Montenegro Airlines has not issued any official statement on the matter. The airline has not put tickets on sale for either route.

Jat Airways suspended flights from Niš to Zurich due to a lack of interest, despite the airline lowering ticket prices and allowing 40 kilos of baggage per passenger (above the industry average). The Swedish airline MCA is expected to begin flights to Niš on December 14 with a return ticket amounting to 290 Euros. The airport’s management has previously announced that other airlines are planning flights from Niš to Moscow and Bologna, although no airline has to date applied for a license.


  1. This photo tells exactly why I don't like Embraer aircraft. They are so tiny and cramped that anyone taller than 170cm has to bend his head down while walking down the aisle. The worst one of all is EMB 135/145. Nothing can be compared to Boeing and Airbus spaciousness.


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