airBaltic to Belgrade

Soon in Belgrade
The national carrier of Latvia, airBaltic will commence services to Belgrade from its Riga base on May 5, 2010. Flights from Riga will operate 4 times per week, every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. All flights will be operated by the Boeing B737-500 aircraft. A return ticket from Riga is expected to set passengers back at least 120 Euros, all taxes included. This is the first time the Serbian and Latvian capitals will be connected by a scheduled air service.

airBaltic was initially established by SAS Scandinavian Airlines. Although SAS sold all of its shares in airBaltic earlier this year, both still share a high degree of cooperation. airBaltic also operates out of Lithuania’s capital Vilnius. Earlier this year Latvian media suggested that airBaltic is on the brink of bankruptcy and that 2010 will be a do or die year for the airline. Despite this, the airline will post a profit by the end of 2009. The Belgrade service will be launched together with new flights to Madrid and Vaasa in Finland.

All flight details for the above-mentioned service can be found in the new route launches section on the right hand side.


  1. Probably the most unexpected piece of news this year... :) Me likes ;)

  2. Anonymous11:52

    Representatives of the Airport "Nikola Tesla" and Greek air carrier "Aegean Airlines" will meet on Thursday in Belgrade to discuss details about establishing a regular daily line Athens - Belgrade. From 1 January 2010 Aegean Airlines is going to establish a regular daily flihts Athens - Belgrade.
    The meeting will be held at the Airport "Nikola Tesla", at the request of the Greek side

  3. JATBEGMEL12:33

    Добродошли у Београду, ерБалтик :)

    airBaltic, welcome to Belgrade :)

  4. JATBEGMEL12:58


    Jat should be flying this route!

  5. eyyy, lostie, arent creative in creating a user name?

  6. @New JATBEGMEL: Would be beneficial to change your posting name as we already have a member with the same name ... so we can avoid confusion.

  7. Anonymous17:11

    As Aleks011 said this was the most unexpected destination, but it is a very good news indeed!

    Good luck and all the best to AirBaltic.

    I hope we shall see more flights and LCC to and from Serbia and Ex Yu in general.

  8. @ ex-yu aviation

    i was posting under that name until i finally made an account, just, some random made a comment using my username.

    also, how come no mention on the blog about the former Air Tomisko guy who was involved in the weapons discovery at BKK coming from North Korea?

    @ anonymous

    Aegean will apprently begin daily flights ATH-BEG from January 1 and Wizz Air will base an aircraft in BEG. Although it mentions 1 aircraft, but isnt it Serbian law that an airline registered in Serbia must have at least 2 aircraft?

  9. Doot09:43

    ya... obviously, I was making fun of you :P

  10. @ JAYBEGMEL:

    Although the law may say that, the mentioning of 1 aircraft refers to something else. Wizz is apparently willing to station/register one aircraft in Belgrade.

    The law requires 2 aircraft in general, for the company to be regarded as an airline. (Though I don't know of such a provision)

  11. @ doot

    lol that was random :p

    @ Aleks 011

    In Blic they wrote yesterday (or the day before yesterday) that Wizz was looking at having 1 aircraft registered here and opening flights out of BEG. I think maybe itll be say Hungarian registered but be based in BEG. Who knows, but its good news :)

  12. Good news with Air Baltic i alrady had a flight with them it was good.
    In regards to Wizz Air great news
    they are even cheaper then Air Baltic
    Still BEG is far from my home down in Ohrid would be a long way ride with bus :)
    i really hope to see Wizz Air or Ryan Air soon to OHD or at least SKP.

    Best Regards

  13. Anonymous20:07

    Well, certainly good news for Belgrade Aiport. However I doubt that this route will be a commercial success with 4x weekly B737 rotations. The O/D traffic RIX-BEG v.v. is very low. This flight is just interesting for connecting pax ex Scandinavia, probably HAM and BER. If this is enough to fill a 737?

  14. ANONYMOUS20:55

    Great news.

    Riga and Belgrade - 2 of the cities with the most beautiful women in the world. There should be some kind of 'talent' contest to see which cities women are the most beautiful


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