El Al still interested in Montenegro

Interest not waning
The Israeli ambassador to Montenegro, Arthur Cole, has said that the country’s national carrier, El Al Israel Airlines is extremely interested in purchasing the Montenegrin flag carrier. Cole said that El Al is anticipating the launch of tender procedures which would call upon companies to purchase shares in the airline. Cole mentioned that Israel sees Montenegro as a secure destination for investment.

Speaking to the Montenegrin newspaper “Pobjeda”, Cole also mentioned that tourism links between the two countries were set up during the summer of this year when El Al’s charter subsidiary, Sun d’Or International Airlines, began flights from Tel Aviv to Tivat. He believes that a scheduled all year round service between the two countries would be justified.

Meanwhile, the Montenegrin Government has begun tender procedures in order to find a privatisation advisor for Montenegro Airlines. The company that is rewarded the job will have to analyse Montenegro Airlines’ business plan and determine the amount of shares that the airline should sell. The company would also advise the Government on a suitable price for Montenegro Airlines’ sale.

Recently, Montenegro Airlines was named the most punctual airline operating out of Moscow’s Domodedovo Airport. Russian aviation authorities awarded Montenegro Airlines for its on time performance since the airline has never had a late arrival or departure from the airport and thus has a 100% on-time record.


  1. frequentflyer09:51

    Further to a recent posting, would there be enough 'premium' demand from Israel to Montenegro, or beyond that through LY's long-haul network? I can't see it happening given that they used their charter arm to operate the flights in recent times...

    Scheduled flights would only work to further strengthen O&D numbers at TLV, and YM doesn't have the regional network to feed yet.

  2. Anonymous11:22

    This is a joke, it will have the same effect as the purchase of Air B&H by Turkish!

  3. @ Anonymous

    It's nothing like B&H Airlines! YM is doing a great job. It has young and extremely skilled staff, good plan and it is definitely an airline to be taken seriously. It is steadily expanding both in the region and in Europe and it shouldn't be dismissed easily.

  4. Anonymous06:41

    Pfff the only reason why YM is reporting profits is because they have been given the Montenegro-Belgrade routes! There is nothing to make them feel proud of their plan! Without that they would be nothing! It is the typical Montenegran business plan, let's hate the Serbs but still suck some money out of them!
    So please don't comapre an airlines like Montenegro to a standard natinal carrier!

  5. Anonymous16:52

    Mi smo nevjerovatan narod, samo kritikujemo i pljujemo! NPR, u ovom textu je pomenuto da je jedan medjunarodni aerodrom dao priznaje jednoj kompaniji za tacnost tj. being on time etc. i APSOLUTNO niko nije rekao nista o tome, bar cestitke ili slicno! Takva priznanja su rijetka! Cestitam MOntenegro Airlines na priznanju, a ako dodje do letova izmedju Izraela i CG dodje, ako ne dodje, pa nije kraj svijeta!

  6. ANONYMOUS02:00

    So how backwards can Montenegro go?

    It's quite easy to say why even Serbia was happy to let it 'go'.

    They've let the Russian (mafia) into the country, and now the Israeli's? Can there be a worse combination?

    As for Montenegro Airlines, it is as backwards and poorly run as the worst airlines in the world. Thankfully they have a national government who hand them tens of millions of Euros a year to subsidise their hugely lose making operations.


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