Jat sale tops 11.000

Jat’s new campaign a success
Jat’s discounted ticket sale entitled “Europe for all of us” is doing extremely well according to the airline. Serbia’s national carrier has managed to sell 10.613 tickets by December 23. The discounted fares to 19 European destinations amount to 19 Euros (one way with no taxes included). The airline extended the ticket sale and says that its goal is to fill its cabins to the last seat as more discounted fares are available. The current average occupancy index on Jat’s flights amount to 61% although this could increase for the months of December and January due to the promotional fares. The ticket sale began on December 1 when it was officially announced that from December 19 the citizens of Serbia would no longer need visas for travel to Schengen Zone countries. The sale will last until January 12, 2010 or until all available seats are sold.

This late rush of sales could help Jat which has had a bad year in passenger terms. The airline’s passenger numbers decreased on average by 20% each month of this year when compared to 2008. Meanwhile, Serbia’s infrastructure minister announced that the Government will work hard to find the airline a strategic partner in 2010 and will continue to help the airline in its restructuring process. On Thursday it was announced that the airline’s agricultural aviation sector has been separated from the Serbian carrier and will, from now, be controlled directly by the Serbian Government which will, it is believed, decrease the airline’s losses.


  1. Nemanja15:19

    Maybee Jat should consider switching to low costs permanently.


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