Mat Airways – a step closer to reality

As reported earlier, one of the leading Serbian travel agencies Kon Tiki Travel will set up an airline in neighbouring Macedonia that will fly under the brand name of grounded Macedonian flag carrier MAT. “What we take from MAT is a brand that is already known in Europe and abroad, as well as a part of its experienced personnel. We recognised MAT’s potential, which was crucial for our entry into Macedonia”, Kon Tiki Travel owner, Darko Milačić, said to the Macedonian broadcaster Sitel yesterday. Kon Tiki’s “Mat Airways DOO” will offer charter flights from Macedonia to tourist destinations such as Egypt, Morocco, and Spain’s Tenerife. Flights from Skopje and Ohrid to Belgrade are also planned, Milačić says.

MAT Macedonian Airlines was grounded earlier this year due to its failure to repay more than 20 million Euros in debt. The airline is still to officially declare bankruptcy and its assets are yet to be written off. Kon Tiki Travel has announced a 6.6 million Euro tourism investment in Macedonia, particularly focusing on the lakeside resort of Ohrid. “We plan to open an office in Ohrid, as we see great opportunities there. It is a traditional destination for tourists from Serbia and the region”, Milačić said. Kon Tiki is one of Serbia’s first privately owned tour operators, established in 1990. It is the country’s largest tour and travel operator.


  1. Anonymous12:07

    Cool, that is going to be interesting! The best of luck to Mat Airways

  2. Very good, i wish the very best for them!
    i like this.
    would be perfect if they will have some regular flights as well.

    best regards

  3. Anonymous21:50

    Ako oni krenu za BEG, odakle ce onda jat da izvadi onih 200.000 patnika koji su potrebni da bi se sproveli planovi oporavka? :-)

    If they start their services to BEG, I wonder how is Jat going to make their goal for the next year (200.000 PAX) from MK?

  4. Anonymous08:36

    Jat's plan to have 200 k pax from SKP is mostly to attract the transit passengers, not O&D. That is why it is possible especially if they do opet the airline down there which could operate the second daily flight. Does Jat still fly the second daily flight? Wasn't it something like 2-3 times a week?


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