Ljubljana, Slovenia
To all frequent visitors and guests marking the holiday today, Merry Christmas!

Sretan Božić
Vesel Božić

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  1. Jonathan09:10

    My best compliments to this blog, useful, interesting and promptly updated with fresh news.
    Merry Christmas to everybody and a wish :
    could a future larger airline
    (Scandinavian Air System alike ) in the ex-Yu come true?

    All the best to you

  2. First of all, from the ex-Yugoslav countries, especially to Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, and also around the world, I wish you a Merry Christmas :)

    @ Jonathan

    No way! ...for many reasons.

  3. Nemanja12:09

    Although i don not celebrate Christmas on this date i wish a happy christmas to everyone who does. I would also like to thank this blog for keeping me updated with interesting news over the past year.

  4. I subscribe to all the best wishes!



  5. Doot17:43

    all the best to everyone and thanks for this interesting blog!


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