Montenegro to set up Niš airline

Montenegro spreads its wings
Montenegro Airlines has given up trying to secure a license to operate flights between the Serbian city of Niš and Zurich. Even though the airline received necessary licenses from Serbian authorise, their Swiss counterparts refused to do the same. Despite this setback, the Montenegrin national carrier will go ahead with the planed 2 weekly Podgorica – Niš service operated by the airline’s Fokker F100. After establishing flights from Niš to Zurich, Montenegro Airlines hoped to commence services between Niš and Paris and Budapest.

Montenegro Airlines is now planning to create an airline which would be registered in Serbia and based at Niš Constantine the Great Airport, using 1 aircraft. The airline already tried to do the same in 2006 when it infamously set up Master Airways in hope of reinstating flights from Niš and Belgrade to Zurich, which it lost rights to when the state union of Serbia and Montenegro dissolved and Montenegro Airlines was considered a foreign airline in Serbia’s skies. In 2009, a Montenegrin court accused the CEO’s of Montenegro Airlines and Master Airways of corruption concerning illegally leased aircraft.

Nevertheless, the city of Niš supports Montenegro Airlines’ future plans. The new airline is expected to be set up by the 2010 summer season which begins in late March. Registering and starting up an airline in Serbia would allow it to operate flights out of Belgrade as well.

Recently, the low cost Italian airline Wind Jet began flights from Forli to Niš. It is the only airline currently serving the airport which has the capacity to handle 100.000 passengers per year.


  1. Anonymous09:43

    WoW how lame, this has disaster written all over it! I could see it with a Fokker 70, but not with the 100 one...

  2. Anonymous16:55

    I wonder if the city of Nis is going to subsidize this one as well?

  3. EX-YU, do you have any news or comments on this:
    "In a week beset with scares in the air, an El Al passenger jet bound for New York on Monday nearly collided with an Air France plane over Serbia, according to a report by Israel's Channel 2 news."


  4. ANONYMOUS06:55

    Nis has capacity for 100,000 passengers a year?

    That is completely wrong.

    If we take the very conservative assumption that the airport can handle one flight per hour (the constraint is terminal capacity, not runway/apron issues) and assume it is operated by Wizz (the only airline who could ever make Nis airport work) - and also assume an operational day of between 0600-2200 (16 hours), then this equals:

    180 * 16 (8 departures and 8 arrivals per day) * 364 = 1,048,320

  5. ANONYMOUS07:06

    This Windjet service isn't going to work - the prices are ridiculous - Forli-Nis-Forli 22 Jan - 29 Jan is over €200. That's about what - 2 months average wages in the Nis area?!


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